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Update on Ezra: Panic Attack or Mental Disorder

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  • Update on Ezra: Panic Attack or Mental Disorder

    I took Ezra to a neurologist about 45 minutes away from me today. He does not know what is wrong with her. He is up-ing her Phenobarb and ordered a bile acid test from her regular vet. He thinks she is hallucinating or is having "phantom pains". Here is the first part of his write up on her:

    "Ezra was examined today following a series of recent episodes which may or may not be some variant of seizure. At this time no neurological abnormality was found. Given the signs and current physical good health no specific diagnosis can be made at this time"

    So at this point I am still looking for answers and the link "Ezra has panic attack" is still available on youtube. Her episode last night only consisted of shaking and howling no major freak out.

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    I'm so sorry you are having to go thru this. I know you must feel so helpless as to what's wrong with Ezra and not getting any answer's really sucks. There's nothing any of us can say that will help to ease your mind, but just know that I'm thinking of you and Ezra, hoping answer's will come very soon.

    My little male chihuahua went thru some similar episodes at the very beginning of his "seizures" and they quickly progressed to full on Grand Mal episodes, but in the beginning, it was very frightening to know that I couldn't comfort and calm him. I wasn't initially aware in the beginning, that these were in fact a form of seizure activity, as were his "fly snapping" and looking at things that weren't there. These signs were very subtle and easily mistaken as confusion, but the "panic attacks" were very disturbing. However, we are talking about a 6lb Chi and not a 50+ lb dog in a panic, which I can imagine would be VERY scarey.

    My heart really goes out to you and as I said before, I hope the answers will come soon. Perhaps, upping the Pheno will help ease Ezra's episodes.


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      Has Ezra had an MRI scan yet ? If not i would make this a priority. If yes, then i am sorry for you that it did not give you any answers.


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        I'm sorry you have to go through this, I sure hope they figure out something soon...I would imagine it's very scary!

        Koda went through something like this and would attack things, he is on medicine now and he is doing soo much better he rarely has any issues now...I hope they can figure out something!!!


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          I had a "fly biter" a number of years ago. After it started he was living in the back of my closet to escape whatever demons were tormenting him.

          I touched base with several vet colleges on the issue, was told it was seizure related and would eventually progress to grand mal seizures.

          One of the schools did ask if I would donate him to their college as they wanted to study the syndrome but had no dogs to work with. I explained the dog was cringing in terror in the back of my closet and I would not make him suffer further, even for science.

          Phenobarb did not help the situation. I put him down.


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            Hello, and I am glad to read you are working on this for her! Good Mom! I have actually been thinking more about this,,and with the loss of bowel & urine,,are you SURE it isn't a slipped disc or spinal issue first & foremost? It could possibly be more easily and quickly found with a canine chiro instead of going the immediate route of meds and neuro. testing off the start. Just my input,,I hope she is alright.
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              i know this is a old thread but...

              Koda just started doing something very similar to this, he is on medicine for seizures, but now it is starting to get to this point, he was hitting his head into things and it really looked like he was having a panic attack! We are going to take him to the vet later today and see what they will do. It was very scary to experience.