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  • Did I handle poorly?

    Groomed "Wendy" on sat.. This was only her second groom with me. Client tried to pay cash but a prior client wiped me out with a $100.00 bill, which left me with 2 $20.'s. So she said she would write a check. GREAT! no problem. She leaves, I finish up for the day & realize I cannot find her check! I look everywhere and double check. so I called the client apologizing that I cannot seem to locate it & asked if she wouldn't mind checking to see if she accidentally picked the check back up. She said she was driving & would call me back. So the day goes on & I call her & telephone is disconnected. Sunday no call. So Monday I sent out a letter, certified, registered return, etc. Just now monday 2.30pm I receive email that says. She is so so sorry & said in future I need to make sure I have enough change. & I need to give her total first so that when her hands are full, blah blah blah.... I emailed back thanking her for her response & told her I absolutely & totally take full responsibility for not having change. I also said that I enjoyed having her & Wendy as a clients & hoped this unfortunate event would not happen again. I also said since i did not hear from her I sent the letter & expect it with payment instructions, cashiers check, address, etc... I don't expect to have her as a client anymore. If she does decide to come back I want to handle this situation well. Was this handled poorly?

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    Others may disagree w/ me, but under the circumstances, I think you were very professional about it.... and continue to be.

    I was burned financially and egotistically 2 years ago under a similar scenario...when the woman mailed me CASH for less than 1/2 the amount I charged for a groom of an out-of-control Mal, kicked out of 2 other salons, 3 WEEKS after my groom.
    I too, did not have change for the amount I charged her, and told her to drop a check in the mail (that's worked for 29!) and she included a note that said "while the quality of the groom was what I expected, the charge was not, so I am sending you what the groom charge at Pet*something* is for an Alaskan Malamute".
    I "took care" of the situation in the end, and did not resort to renegade bikers or anyone from the Soprano family...but do wish I could have been a tad bit more professional.

    I think you did a great job, made wise and professional decisions and statements, and hope I can find this thread for reference the next time someone pulls a stunt on me like the Mal-Gal.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      4Sibes - OMG!!!

      Wow, someone pays you HALF after having her dog kicked out of other salons??? B**ch!!

      Shows you - most people are fine (like you said, your more trusting attitude worked for 29 years), and then there are those who just can't control themselves when they see a possibility of saving money.


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        So did I miss what you did/said to her? If not, please share! We need 'the rest of the story'! lol


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          Originally posted by 4Sibes View Post
          but do wish I could have been a tad bit more professional.
          WHAT?! You can't leave it at that. Did you send over one of your Sibes on collection duty?
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            Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
            Wow, someone pays you HALF after having her dog kicked out of other salons???
            In an effort to keep the thread on course, and to answer, I charged the Mal-Gal 180 for 7 hours labor (HUGE discount for me, given what I deal with and where I live). She mailed me $55.00 and a fiver "as a tip".
            I called my local petsomething...and sure enough, quote for grooming a Mal was $45.00. (Insert 500 question marks and a laughing face.
            Joke on me, no question, )
            She was even given "the boot" there, some 6 months before me, apparently.

            I still think DowntownD had the presence of mind to handle this well. I will try to keep my witage about me the next time.
            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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              actually, I think you handled it fine. In hindsight, maybe you should have made sure you had the check in hand before she left, but other than that, you seemed professional and nice enough. You did a job and expect payment for it, whether you had change or not.
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                I have had the scenerio happen where I lost the check - then found it in the van someplace later - before I called the client.

                As for the person who paid half...? I assume you wont be grooming that dog anymore.

                A few mos ago a couple new in town paid me with a check from out of town. No biggie, I get that quite a bit. The check bounced because the account was closed. I figured, they must have written it out on the wrong check. No biggie. I have had that happen before too. Couldn't get a hold of them via phone or home. Gave up.

                I gather sooner or later their dog will need to be groomed again and they don't live near a salon...and anyway...with this buisness of writing out checks on a closed account, sooner or later it will all catch up with them.


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                  Originally posted by ralla View Post

                  As for the person who paid half...? I assume you wont be grooming that dog anymore?
                  Neither will anyone else w/in a 50 mile radius of where she lives.

                  Sure would hate to have a fellow groomer take the same hit after wrestling that beast for I made a few phone calls, like 37 of them.
                  I like the vet that referred her, and was concerned she may set her own prices there as well, so I was pro-active and made a 38th phone call.
                  Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                    There should be a website where you can name and shame bad owners/dogs. I am sick of dogs coming to me that I say this dog need sedation next time, i cant finish it 'oh, thats what the last groomer said' WHAT??!! I beg with them to please get it sedated and not put this on another groomer cos they will get bitten too. Oh and the amount of them that say, oh yeh she bit the last groomer too... well i would of muzzled her straight away and would have a bite now would i!!!!

                    would this me immoral or a smart thing?