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Potential New Product for Cage Drying?

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  • Potential New Product for Cage Drying?

    Check these babies out. I think these look really nice and they are very streamlined and modern - No floating hair clogging up fan grates and blades. They also look very portable, like they could easily be placed in front of cages and moved around. I bet these would be a huge improvement for people who use those big hunky box fans for cage dryers.

    Too bad about the price tag. Hopefully the price will come down in the future. I also saw a few videos of the fans on youtube. Pretty neat:

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    I saw those on a home shopping channel

    but how would you attach it to a crate? I don't need one for grooming, but it might be nice for home use.


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      OMG saw them at Target and thought: how FAB for grooming! you are right, nothing to get clogged with dog hair!! Was gonna get one until I saw the $200 price tag ....