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Ugh. Career vent.

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  • Ugh. Career vent.


    Sorry guys this is a bit of a vent. If it is inapropriate, please feel free to remove.

    Sooo... I learned to groom in California and then groomed in Australia. Due to the recession we came back to the UK. Although we are glad to be back it has been a hard year for both of us. We moved to an area with only a couple of salons and I don't drive so have been unable to groom since our return.

    I have seen a few grooming salaries advertised here in the UK. They are really low. I have a family. We want to get a mortgage. I would like a car at somepoint. I just don't know if a grooming job here in the UK can support me. I also wouldn't mind some benefits for once in my life (never had paid holiday!) So I thought I would take the initiative and the opportunity and explored a couple of other career ideas. Whoops! Dental nursing - hated it! Health food store - so bored that I ended up putting on over half a stone (that I now am attempting to lose. Funny that I was at my thinnest ever when grooming) and a couple of other things. I just get bored so easily and am not cut out for office work.

    So I have been researching jobs and found a couple of ideas that seemed very exciting. We have also had the good news that husband has a possible new job - just waiting for that final contract, cross your fingers for us! This will mean a house move very soon - thank goodness.

    Anyway, my point is... I thought I was happy with the idea of pursuing a new career. Would be more money, security, paid holidays... but the area we are moving to has a few more salons and the possibility of reaching london with some kick-ass salons. Aaaand I am conflicted. Again. Do I try a new job that means I start from scratch all over again, but with the potential for more money, more benefits... not so sore hands? Or do I try once again to groom and see how it goes....

    I suspect I know the answer and will probably be sending out CVs/resumes to the salons as soon as we get the news. I am just really worried that I am making the wrong choice either way! Heart or head? Money or happiness? And what if there are no salons looking for staff? Will that be a heartbreaker or the impetus I need to try something new?



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    How about trying to open your own shop? It doesn't matter where you are, there is always a way to do it on a tight budget. Maybe a home shop? Think outside the box. When you have your own place, you are in control. You can offer later hours, over the top service, etc. Whatever it take to differenciate you from the other shops and maybe charge a bit more. Europe as a whole has a lot of folks in the "cottage" industry.
    I've been grooming all my life. I'm 54. Owned my own shops most of that time. I've been working in other's shop off and on for about 5 years now. Even in the best of situations, it's not even close to the advantages of owning your own. All the drama, the politics, the "rules", the low pay, bad working conditions.....
    If grooming is your passion, there is always a way to make it happen. I know it stinks that it is such a challenge to make it happen. But passions in life are what makes us wake up in the morning eager to start the day. I wish you the best in your choices.


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      Sounds like....

      Sounds like you are not ready to give up on grooming, so if you get to move where there are more opportunities, why not explore them??

      If they don't look that good, or if your hands make you slow down or quit, THEN you can look at something else when you are more ready.

      Also, if you and hubby get into a better position, check out a boarding/grooming combination business perhaps - where you can live and work, and make more money. There is more profit in boarding dogs than in grooming, from what I have seen. However, you will need some part-time help (at least) so you can have some time off.

      Good luck!