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This really bummed me out

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  • This really bummed me out

    The other day I had a mini poodle on my schedule and when the owner came in, he asked if So and So was working. So and So is an excellent and experienced groomer whom I really admire and hope to be like some day. I said, "She is, but I'll be grooming Fifi today." He says, "No offense, but we didn't like the job you did the last time."

    Of course I was totally offended (why do people think saying, "no offense" makes it somehow less offensive?) on the inside and feel terrible that I didn't do a good job. I just said, "Oh. Okay. Well I'll see if So and So can squeeze you in." I really hate this and it's been bothering me for a couple days now and I'm paranoid that I have all these unhappy clients who never said anything upon pick-up.

    I'm not always the one to release my dogs, but when I am I make sure to ask them if they're happy with the cut and while not everybody is ecstatic like I'd like, everyone has been satisfied with a few people here and there who want some tweaking- which I'm fine with.

    I'm not all that sensitive like I used to be and I'm kind of a newbie groomer so I know I'm not one of the best there is. So I don't know why this is bothering me so much.

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    It's bothering you so much because you take pride in your work maybe? Did you ask if they'd share with you what was unacceptable before? It could be that they are used to the other groomers style too. Keep your chin up and keep perfecting your technique!


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      dont get so down on yourself. I have found most people just get used to one groomers style, and no one else is good enough. when I was off recupriating from surgery, some of my regular clients went to other salons I recommended. one came back to me and said the other groomer did everything wrong. ok. I know for a fact that this other groomer did the same haircut I usually do. in fact, I copy (or try to) her style on the little teddy bear faces. the only thing that makes sense is a) shes trying to boost my ego or b) shes crazy. in my case I think its a bit of both. if your relatively new, relax, my guess is right now you nit pick too much. you know, you want the dog to be perfect so you keep tweaking the groom. sometimes we do this and tweak the dog to smithereens. no one is perfect, we can only strive to be. soon you will be the groomer the clients ask for.


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        We have had two customers when i first started were never happy with my work, but the other groomer (whom was teaching me) kept telling me they were perfect. I think it's just the style between us both, i shaped the head a different way and the other groomer would shape it differently..
        It may not be anything wrong you did. it may just be the difference in styles.


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          what a meanie!!


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            I would call and thank them for being honest that they didn't prefer you but you would like to improve and ask what the differences where from you and so and so and then learn from other groomer found out that she did somewhat square looking heads and mine are more round, turned some people off so she changed her style to be like mine and now everyone is happy.


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              Originally posted by Jadenlea View Post
              what a meanie!!
              They prefer the other girl, they didn't like the cut the dog was given last time by the OP. I realize this would hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't see why it is mean.

              To the OP, I do realize it stings a little, but the only way you are going to learn is to ask them if they feel comfortable sharing what they didn't like so you will know for the future. If you approach it the right way they will be very happy to show you what was wrong. It may have been you missed a huge sticky outy, it may be they just don't like your style. If it is a style issue then I wouldn't worry about it. We have 11 groomers in our salon and many of us have different styles, we just tell people if they like one groomer over another it is perfectly acceptable to request a certain groomer. Either way they didn't cuss you out, they didn't degrade you, they even asked about the other groomer first, probably so they wouldn't have to hurt your feelings.
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                I am the only groomer so if someone doesn't come back it makes these things go through my head and just makes me more determined to do a great job on each dog I do. Everyone has different taste and may not like what you think is good. I wouldn't be too hard on your self. Pay attention to how so and so does things and start trying different things.


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                  And there are probably customers who prefer that YOU do their dogs as they like your method of grooming over someone else's.

                  It balances out.


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                    Originally posted by Bird_Face View Post
                    So I don't know why this is bothering me so much.
                    Because you're CARING and COMPASSIONATE
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                      That really is no fun! I'm trying to think of something good, but it is hard to not take it personally.

                      I've been training a new groomer. I am booked out 8 weeks so there are a few clients that will book with her to get their dog in earlier. Last week one of my clients that I've been grooming for about two years told her that they like her better and they want to schedule with her. She was really embarrassed to tell me. I told her that it was fine. I only have a small handful of clients that I really really would "fight" for.

                      Since I've trained her part of me is really proud because I feel like she is coming into her own. So that is what I am trying to focus on. The reality is that not every client is going to like our style. No more than I am going to like every hair stylist. For every client like that there are probably a dozen or more than do prefer your style.
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                        Don't be too hard on yourself. I will go to a certain hairstylist because I like her work. Doesn't mean the others do a bad job, tho. On another note, when I had my shop and had a bather, some of the clients would ask if I had groomed their dog after seeing someone else working there. I did all the grooming.
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                          Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
                          And there are probably customers who prefer that YOU do their dogs as they like your method of grooming over someone else's.

                          It balances out.
                          NICE response.

                          To OP... that comment must have hurt, but it was the perfect opportunity to find out WHY they didn't like your groom, and maybe learn if you made a mistake, or it was a style thing.
                          We take our work seriously & take pride in our grooms, but it's an art, & not everyone "sees" art the same way.

                          Chin up...there are plenty of dogs out WILL balance out


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                            I think calling them as someone else posted is a great idea. Tell them you appreciate their honesty, then ask if they would mind telling you what they did and did not like about your groom. you could even tell them you have only been grooming for say 3 years and the other groomer has for 5 and you would like to use their opinion and observations to improve your skills. Can't make em all happy!

                            I too hate the 'no offense' opener. My sister in law does that to me and every time I am thinking, 'no offense, but...your about to really tick me off so it might be best to keep your mouth shut' or she will say 'nothing personal but' ....I guess it makes offending someone ok if you start out with one of those 2 phrases.
                            I never lash back at her although I should, but I remind myself what miserably depressed person she is and I guess its her way of making herself feel better...whatever, lol.
                            Oh heres another one, 'I am going to tell you something, but don't get mad'.


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                              Don't be disheartened, Bird.
                              I still have clients once in awhile ask me to do something different this time for a groom, or whatever, and after all of these years, I still have my off days where I can't get rid of a clipper mark, I can't scissor straight, I leave a stray hair hanging and don't see it until the dog is walking out the door, or I leave a head uneven from one side to the other. Each day we give a little of ourselves into the dogs and cats that we groom, and its to be expected that if we do not feel the same exact way each day, our grooming is going to reflect our moods or feelings sometimes. I am QUITE sure that you are a great groomer, because you are on here sharing that you care enough that these people got to you a little, and you are actually ASPIRING to be like a senior stylist- that to me speaks volumes...
                              you deserve a pat on the back and not the burden of so much guilt.
                              Remember that even the best stylists still makes mistakes, and that you will never stop learning or get every client to always be happy- so waste no time in worrying much about the small stuff (and it's all small stuff) and take it in stride, and concentrate on all the smiles that you DO make each day.
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