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Beautiful examples of coat color in Red & Apricot poodles

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  • Beautiful examples of coat color in Red & Apricot poodles

    The Red poodle is quite dark and has a very dark liver/brown nose and eyes. He's supposed to be a Toy, He's a very good example of the color. Over two yrs and holding his color nicely. The dark points are very correct for this color.

    The apricot is absolutely the prettiest pastel shade of apricot I've ever seen. The color is even thru out his coat. No darker shades any where.
    Hope the color can be seen on your computer screen. I've tried several times to get a good pic of him. I put him on a towel to give a contrast. He's 11yrs old. Nice coat to work with. Coarser coat. This dog does not have good pigment on his nose.
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    Apricot looks like chocolate

    On my screen, the dog on the right looks like a chocolate. Or whatever they call "brown" in Poodlese, lol.

    I did do a couple of lovely apricots in the last couple of weeks, with beautiful sunny color that has not gone whitish in areas. Not light reds, they were apricots, lovely light golden coats.


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      Those colors are very beautiful. Very nice grooms also.


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        Beautiful dogs and grooms!


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          I am assuming the apricot is on the left and the red is on the right?

          If so, I truly adore the apricot! That shade is just gorgeous, especially w/ the darker skin peeping through on the shaved parts. The red does look chocolate to me, but I can see that the color is deep.
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            Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
            On my screen, the dog on the right looks like a chocolate. Or whatever they call "brown" in Poodlese, lol.
            I would assume he is considered an apricot because of the black nose and eye rim pigment. A choc should have choc pigment in the breeds I know of.

            I used to groom the most vivid fire engine red apricot ever. This dog had clear, bright, fire colored coat even into old age. Her coat just screamed ORANGE. Wish I had a pic - have never seen one like her since.


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              Yes they are pretty- I really like the dark one especially. Nice TK on him, too, BTW!
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                Thank you guys on the compliments on my grooming.

                The dog to the right is RED not brown. His nose is dark liver. IMO the Reds are a different shade of brown. I can see why you would think the dog on the right is brown. His coat is a sorta brownish-red. One poster said she did a fire engine red apricot? Then it wasn't an apricot it was a red.

                As with humans with red hair you can get diffferent shades of red. I'm a redhead and so is one sister and brother. We all have a different shade of red. My hair is the darkest shade of red of the three of us. That goes for apricots as well.