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  • The saying goes

    your eyes are bigger then your stomach.

    In the case of Charlie it's his nose. This dog has the biggest nose, it's larger then his eyes. he's a double bred cocker-poo. Has an incredible coat. A bit on the shy side but I think he's really cute. Every time I do him I'm just amazed how big his nose is.
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    To quote the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, when she commented on his big nose, " the better to smell you with , my dear",, LOL
    He's a cutie!


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      He is cute! But his nose is very big.


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        That is funny. Wonder if he can smell better.
        "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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          Awe hes got personality! Always cool to do somethin different.


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            Oh he does! But he is REAAAALLLLYYY cute! Wow! Great coat, too!
            ~Kind of OT-- is he intact by any chance? I have just noticed that adult males, the older they get when left intact, the larger their noses get, especially in old age. Check sometime,,it seems true every dog I've had for grooming long term, and my own dogs as well,,maybe from using them so stinking much all their lives? LOL!
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              He's not intact, so there's no excuse for the big one! lol