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Brenna and the Furminator

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  • Brenna and the Furminator

    My parents bought a furminator for their lab/shepherd mix and gave it to me because my mom said she didn't like it. All I can say is WOW! I think her coat and the furminator were made for each other. This was a quick "I'm tired of your hair" session, and here's how much I got out:

    One side done

    All done:

    This is unrelated, but she loves her new crate, this was taken with the door open:

    I've used them before, but it blew me away how much I got out of her, her coat wasn't even blowing, but I think she probably has gone all 8 months of her life without being brushed, so she was overdue. I think the furminator was worth the price even if I just use it at home, but of course it will be going to work with me on Friday.

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    Hehe. Its a great tool. If your mom didnt like it for her lab, I bet she wasnt using it right. I notice my bathers will try using it and nothing comes out.. Then I go over and use it and get a pile. I dont know if its pressure or the angle they are holding it but they just cant seem to get the hang of it.

    Have your mom try a zoom groom for her lab. they are only like 3 bucks too.


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      Jadenlea, my mom actually uses one of those undercoat rakes made for thick coated dogs like chows, etc. She even uses the kind with longer prongs, I try explaining that a dog with a shepherd/lab coat doesn't need long prongs like that, and I got her one with short prongs but thats the tool she likes and she won't stick with anything else. lol

      The good thing is that she brushes her dog every couple of days, she should get something with long hair!


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        My bather bought one a couple weeks ago and I used it on a lab yesterday, I took a grocery bag worth of hair off him. I was impressed!


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          zoom groom

          You might try a rubber zoom groom for your mother's lab or a fine carding comb. When I'm being especially cheap, for short coated dogs I use latex gloves and give the dogs a thorough massage. You should see their faces. I think they really love the massage part.


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            I've never used a furminator but I've been thinking about getting one. After seeing what came off your Brenna I just may go ahead and get one.

            Love the pic of her in her crate
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              Tanya, I've used just about every tool for a double coated dog on my mom's lab mix and she is still convinced that the rake for thick coats gets out more hair. I think the difference is the rake HOLDS more hair so that makes her think it is getting more out. lol I should add the mix's coat is kind of a cross between a labs and a shepherds...Very lab like in texture, but longer like a shepherds.