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Rent/Lease to own?? Vs. Buy?

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  • Rent/Lease to own?? Vs. Buy?

    Has anyone leased or rent to own any equipment Tubs,dryers,tables,cages? What are the pros and cons? Can it be done?? You can buy it in the end? Or is there a catch? Thanks

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    Renting will always cost about triple as oppsed to buying,so buy what you HAVE to have and save and work up to wants. My tub is a human tub cost $99 at hone depot, built up with 2x4 and plywood closed the surrond with bathroom wall board, I did splurge on a sprayed from petedge but they do not carry the good one anymore,if you get one get T.S. Brass, the head is angled and saves alot of wrist action. Much luck.
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