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  • Kansas city Groom Classic

    Was awesome! At least it was for me. Jodi and Diane, fabulous as usual. I have been grooming over 20 years now and always learn something new each time. Can't wait til Jodi gets the apparel going, cough cough I bought a stylist w. knock off, its cursed, I have worn it 3 times and been pee'd on each time before the day is over, its already falling apart. Live and learn eh.
    Chris and Judy again, fabulous!
    Enjoyed visiting with sidetracked and forgot to buy the other part of the GH...
    Bought 4 new pairs of Oster shears from the helpful guy at the Oster booth. My first time using (and understanding) a convex edge as opposed to love love the convex, can't stand my beveled now, LOL.
    IPG workshop was super, Haley and Linda, helpful, informative...and very patient with all the questions being thrown at them. Same for all of the other speakers.
    Pet Liks was there, gorgeous hair 'accessories', honestly, top quality, classy, unique. Bows and barettes you can put on the dogs and be proud when they leave your shop.
    Angela Kumpe's creative sessions were fun. Learned a lot about creative. Bought glitter, came home and painted a flower on one of my schnauzers and put a glitter paw print on her. Cant wait to get more free time to color her up good, lol.
    The red cross first aid/cpr teacher was awesome! It was like being at a comedy show yet getting a great education at the same time.
    Those were the only speakers I caught this year. It was just so nice to be able to hang out with other groomers, share stories, ideas, frustrations. Everyone I met were really nice people, really enjoyed talking shop.
    Now I want to go to Hershey. Kansas city is the only one I have been to. Go to Hershey this year, catch some good seminars get a chocolate bath, life is good, lol.