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How Would You Groom An 81/2 yr Old Yorkie...

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  • How Would You Groom An 81/2 yr Old Yorkie...

    That nips at scissors and clippers because he had never been clippered before when he went to Pet**** a few months. He would need to be muzzled at least and maybe he would settle down for GH. I would love to just clipper w/ my Wahl comb as she doesn't want him too short. I am not sure I want to take this one on. I mentioned even IF I can't groom him and I spend an hour trying, I would want full pay for the effort. I can't risk him biting the scissors or me. He might bite the air too. Owner asked if he would be able to tolerate a muzzle for 45 mins to an hr. This doesn't sound like a dog I want but I made an appt for May 25th. Owner used to use scissors only herself. Bet that looked good. LOL. She referred to the clipper as a razor.

    Forgot to mention...I am mobile as some of you know. Mobile is expensive and most owners won't pay double for what a shop might be able to do once in 8 weeks or so. I will explain like henrythe8th said, Rome wasn't built in a day. I will do the best I can, get him clean and give him back with having as little stress as possible. Would putting a bacon type treat inside the muzzle help? Like PuppyFluffer said? And smell of all sorts of doogie-lovin scents? I am getting siked for the challange now......
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    Is he a mess/matted? If not, try the "best you can do" approach first. Such as a bath & minor trim (feet, face, fanny...thinning shear out mats) then have her bring him back 2 weeks later, and if she's got time bring him in in between for a quick hello and treat. Start him out like you would a puppy and see how it goes.


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      I'm sorry, but I think we all spend too much time beating ourselves up trying to impress a client. If he behaves that badly, I would say its a 'ill do what I can, no promises'. Its a bad dog. Bad dogs can be made good dogs, but...rome was not built in a day. Little bit at a time.
      My old dogs, the schnauzer I have groomed since he was 6 mos/now a 10 year old that stands on his toenails, crabby dogs...I tell the owner what they do, I say it like..some just dont like it, lets not stress them out, they may not be perfect or exactly the trim you want but they will be clean and more comfortable and that is far more important. I would rather return you a calm comfortable dog than a stressed out mess who hates coming to get groomed...That usually does the trick.


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        If I am in a generous mood, I would schedule the appointment with the understanding that I will try the best that I can, but that I can't make any promises and that if I spend more than 15 minutes attempting the groom they will be charged the full price of the groom (whatever that is...normal fee plus extra for difficult nature of the dog) even if the dog looks unfinished or even outright terrible. If I determine before 15 minutes that the dog is ungroomable, dog will be returned to house and client owes some lesser fee (travel and a little time perhaps). Usually, though, if I have this much information on the dog, I will just pass and tell them they will want to have the dog groomed at a vet's office. I have determined that sometimes, no amount of money is worth these stressful situations.


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          I'd give it a try and see how it goes. Sometimes, you will get a big surprise, and 'Cujo' really isn't a bad dog at all. If the owner has groomed him all those years, why doesn't she just keep grooming him?
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            I have a yorkie that attacks any scissors that come near him. He is about a year old and I don't know if he will ever grow out of it. His mom likes him really short(#5 a/o) which helps a lot. He is fine with clippers so I just do what I can with them to edge his feet and to trim his face. There is no way I am gonna force this little dog to stay still just to trim some hair and risk him biting sharp scissors!!


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              The reason owner won't groom him now is because

              she claims after one visit to pet**** where they tried to use a (razor, her words) he now can't be even scissored by her. I kind of like a challange and maybe my pride wants to show her that with my equipment and talent, I can do the job. Claims are, that he isn't matted but they don't want him shaved. I assume a 7F, or even a 5F would looked shaved to them. I have had a few very crazy wiggly Yorkies that just never had many grooming experiences or ever professional ones until they were pretty much ruined by the experience the owners gave them. I am mobile, so doing it in stages isn't something I can offer easily depending on when I would be in her area again. Mobile is ,more expensive so I think for my price they hope for a beautiful dog in one grooming. I have learned so much here that I sort of want to apply all the info I get here to see just what I can do. Good idea to give it 15 mins to see what can be done. Matted? what owners say isn't always the case....they said no he isn't matted. Between today and the 25th of may he could be matted.

              Today i trimmed Toby, a nice Yorkie that I have done for five years now. Toby developed an attitude about his right shoulder and sides of body. I think the clipper tickles him. Today I did that side first thing and he was better than all the grooms I did in 09. He has his moments and some grooms are easier than the next. Toby gets a 7F and 10 on the sticky outtie legs, tummy and butt. He is good for his head and face with my Wahl comb and lets me clean around eyes etc. I KNOW this new to me, one coming up won't be like Toby. It seems many owners who try to save money and are do it yourself groomers eventually give up and the dog is then a matted nightmare.

              I will let you know. MYLADY this is one of those that needs nanobots and magic spray to make them like a statue. I think bath first is a good idea so the owner will get something for their money. The quick recirc bath and HV dry is quick in this weather and the CV gets feet trimmed fast too. I will take notes here and try every suggestion except coming back in two weeks. I doubt they would agree to that at mobile fees. Now where DID I put that magic wand? LOL I'll let y'all know how it goes. I once had a Yorkie where the lady said every time IF I could Not do her she'd pay full price anyway. I never had a bad time with that dog and wondered why she always thought I would.


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                I would try to hand scissor him all over with blunt nosed thinners - barber roll style.

                I would also work on desensitizing him to the shears by slowly petting him with the thinners for a few mins then gradually working into making snips when he clams down.


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                  Thinners were my next thought as well. I do have a few that flinch at the scissor but stand motionless for thinners. Doggies, lol....


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                    Ever see the Verizon commercial?

                    Where if you have Verizon there are lots of people standing behind you, making sure your phone has reception? Well, I feel that when I am grooming all of you here are right there with me in my head, and I remember things you suggest that will help. Thanks