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  • customer complaints re: tv & creative groom

    So a local tv broadcasted a local groomer (not me) who made their dog look like a Zebra. Boy, have my clients been giving me their piece of mind about groomers who do THAT to a dog! I do not do any creative grooming but WANT to if I had the time. I took a poll awhile back asking my clients if this is something they would be interested in & all but one said NO WAY!!!!! I have explained to them that the colorings used are completely safe & boy that just set them off again! If they wanted a zebra they shouldn't have bought a dog!, etc.......I just wanted to crawl under my desk.....

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    Yeah I know what you mean. I used a blow pen to color my smallest dog before I took him to the nursing home for a small resident dog show they had. I had him with me at a table where I was trimming nails and handing out scarves when a lady lost her mind started going on and on about how that must have hurt that poor baby and wow I should have my dog taking away from me. I don't know what she thought I had done but I couldn't get a word in. Oh well you'll have people like that.
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      I wpuld explain to them it is the same as cutting their own hair and dyeing it blond. EXCEPT the colouring products we use on dogs are a lot safer! I have faced a lot of resisitance but I tell clients I am not going to play with their dogs so they have no need to worry. Sometimes it is very different when they see the dog in person and see how happy they are. I have seen many negative comments on creative grooming in the last few years and have seen many comments on my own dog all over the owrld!(I find him on foreign language sites and translate the comments!LOL) Buy it is yur choice to do it to your own dog my own sister was very negative about it and I told her to shut up and look at her bleached dmagaed hair and butch haircut and I didn't care about her opinion. If loosk could have killed I'd be typing to you dead....

      In fact I have seen more ariticles about creative grooming in the last 1.5 years done from the opinion of an outsider than I have in the last 15 years and I would say most of them have a negative bias. All the more publicity for them to sell the articles! Most of my clients are aware I do creative for enjoyment I now have 1 client who is a convert they keep a pink mohawk on their Terrier?lab mix and love it since she is now easily identified as a GIRL dog..they have received nasty commetns and have told me about reactiosn from the public.I laugh and say Yeah you develop a coat of armour and a lot of character from those comments!

      Gte yourself a small whitish dog of your own and have fun. And remember the fact that YOU live with the dog not them.


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        Originally posted by HOTW View Post
        my own sister was very negative about it and I told her to shut up and look at her bleached dmagaed hair and butch haircut and I didn't care about her opinion. If loosk could have killed I'd be typing to you dead...
        BWA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

        Gte yourself a small whitish dog of your own and have fun. And remember the fact that YOU live with the dog not them.
        Hmmm...oh, DOT...c'MERE, baybee...
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          It is illegal in SC to color dogs. Why would you invite trouble that way before changing the law? I'd be afraid one of my clients would turn me in and cause problems.


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            i don't understand at all how people see this as cruel?? Am i missing something? I always think it's awesome but seeing so many responses about how cruel it is!


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              I too have gotten many comments on my cocker spaniel as he comes to work with me every day and has not been without color for at least 4 years. Most of my clients love it, some remind me not to do it to their dog, others get their own dogs done (tail and ears usually). Then there is one lady who made sure Oreo knew that all the other dogs are making fun of him. I know Oreo could care less and no other dogs can tell what color he is, but it was just such and obnoxious remark I wanted to smack her but of course I kept to to my own comments once she was gone, lol. He has been dyed since he was about 4 years old and he will be 10 this year and he is still kickin' just fine. He get more abuse from my other pets who pounce on him, than I've ever done to him and you can bet your bottom dollar he is the cleanest nicest smelling cocker in town!


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                I'm probably in the minority here but I think the creative dye jobs look pretty silly myself. I show in conformation though and there is nothing more beautiful to me than a well bred dog with a gorgeous structure - no frills. I think all of the crazy cuts and dye make the dog look out of balance, silly and gawdy. The same feeling a lot of people get when they see girls walking around with Chihuahuas wearing pink dresses with painted nails and pearl necklaces.

                I actually cringe everytime I see he covers of the popular grooming magazine with dogs dyed and shaped like all kinds of exotic animals. I will never understand why a grooming magazine would be so focused on these dogs when a very small minority of groomers ever do that type of work. I would love to see the magazines focus more on simple, correct, breed standard or mixed breed styles that we as an industry can all relate to and work to achieve.

                Nothing against those who are into it; it's just not my thing...


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                  I LOVE creative grooming. I wish I had a white dog I could play with, instead I dye my strawberry blonde Cairn Terrier.

                  I have had people tell me that it is animal abuse. I've asked them what EXACTLY do they think happens that they think it is abusive, but they never give me a real answer. I can understand D'tails opinion, and I respect not wanting to mess with a beautiful coat (I feel the same way when the two Irish Terriers I groom, with beautiful hard coats, come in to be shaved). But it's a huge jump to abuse.
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                    I think its cool. It takes a real artist to do some the patterns with the color. I do at my shop the basic mohawk ears or tail. At halloween I put some color on my mutt! I haven't had any real feedback on it. I will watch TLC and tell my clients about it too.


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                      Color is fun!!

                      Originally posted by THE_Redneck_Diva View Post
                      It is illegal in SC to color dogs. Why would you invite trouble that way before changing the law? I'd be afraid one of my clients would turn me in and cause problems.
                      Same here in Florida, and I WOULD (and probably WILL) color my dog here because the law was obviously made by people who did not know what they were talking about. And I believe in Civil Disobedience when called for.

                      Or do you think that the same people who decided that there was such a law needed will learn more suddenly and change the law to allow for groomers who have been coloring dogs since - oh, at least the 1980's???

                      Anyway, lots of people think coloring is dumb, or they fear that a dog feels bad when it is colored. In reality, most normal dogs LOVE the attention they get when colored. But the typical dog-owner does not know about it and thinks it is "too much".


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                        I do not do any 'real' creative grooming... there are some really talented groomers out there who are just so imaginative... I have little to compare.. BUT I can say.. back in the 80's - 90's when "Da Bears" and "Da Bulls" kept winning super-bowls & whatever basketball is... I was making some really interesting money with stencils. I had made stencils of the team logo's, shaved out the spots and when I lifted it... it was pretty close... Ive also done a few 'fun' things for Holloween but I can state that some folks just will never accept pets in creative styles. For the most part, I am a pet groomer, family pets that owners just like to see as a little stuffed animal or as close to breed standard as they can mainatain... Ive never thought of competing.. there is such awesome talent out there I just enjoy seeing what you all create!

                        My favorite response ( I didnt make it honestly.. but I laughed till I hurt) I overheard a woman ragging on about some article she saw on a tv show about creative grooming to another groomer... NOW, this groomer (now mind you was a biker with attitude) listened very carefully to this woman, letting her go on and on... then she very calmly looked her in the face... asked her out loud (loud enough for us all to hear).. WOW ! that is an interesting point of view... not to change he subject but I just HAVE to ask you... With such pretty blond hair, WHY do you have someone dye your roots black!

                        ROFLMAO.. it was so funny we all had to walk to the back tub room !


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                          Okay, not that I want to promote breaking the law but what would really happen? More than likely, if anything came of illegally dyeing YOUR OWN DOG, you'd get a warning and be told not to do that again. You might get a fine. No one is going to drag you to jail or confiscate your well taken care of dog b/c it's pink. Also, if the law says it's illegal to dye a dog, as opposed to being in possesion of a dyed animal, wouldn't they have to prove you dyed the dog in that state/county? They would also have to prove you were the one who dyed it. I seriously doubt the local authorities are going to waste their time investigating such thing.

                          I know all about the groomer in CO, but she was given many warnings, which she ignored.

                          It is illegal in my town to dye a dog, but I doubt the AC officers are even aware of the law. If they ever say anything I'll be happy to point out the "at large" dogs and cats who aren't UTD on their rabies vaccinations, not to mention all the poor, pathetic dogs in town who don't have the required '6 feet of slack" in the chains. There are also lot of people who sale puppies roadside w/o the required vendor's license or permission form the property owners.


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                            *Disclaimer* I live in a state where it isn't illegal so I'm not an expert by any means. I have read some articles though.

                            From what I understand, most of the laws are written in a way that make it illegal to dye ANY animal, not specifically dogs. Apparently there are large problems around Easter inhumanely dyeing baby chicks cute, fluffy pastel colors. That is mainly why. So, not to say it isn't enforced at all, but if an animal control officer got a report of an otherwise-well-cared-for-but pink-dog, most would look the other way. There is always that chance of course, but many are too busy going after actual cases of neglect too worry about someone playing around with chalk and blo pens. I've been told this by many animal control officers.
                            There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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                              Someone else brought this up somewhere else, not me, but I agree with her: Why set yourself up as unprofessional and willing to break a law instead of working to change it within the context of the law? The regulations prohibiting the coloring of animals were created for a reason and are still enforcable; why invite trouble before trying to change the law? We want to be professionals, be treated like professionals but want to pick and choose which regulations and laws we follow? I can't see it. I feel it would bring a lot of negative attention to a business. It is a silly regulation but it is still a law on the books to be enforced and until it is changed IMO it should be followed. Work to change the law instead of breaking it and flaunting your willingness to operate illegally. In my mind as a client I would wonder what else you're doing that isn't up to code and how would that affect the care you give to the animals in your charge.