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  • posting pictures?

    I keep having problems trying to "resize" my pictures for downloads. Could somebody please explain how to resize to a computer illiterate?

    Stephen: You don't HAVE to use this tool, there are sites like, but this link does give you an explanation of the size limits. The problem is many take pictures at a resolution for PRINTING, whereas for viewing on a computer screen you use the lowest resolution 72 dpi or 96 dpi. Printing can run 150 to 600 dpi, and that means what could load in 5 seconds takes 2 minutes for a dialup person. Many of the search engine companies warn you about slow loading web sites and their number one suggestion is what, resize your pictures.

    Remember you can use the tool here or whatever one you want if you don't have a resizing tool on your computer, but read this page, it does give a good explanation of the size limits. PM if you have a problem.

    This came from the Board Help Forum here. It has many answers for everyone's questions about the board over the years. Thanks.