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for those who use the davis glitter

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  • for those who use the davis glitter

    I just started using the davis glitter and I think I am having problems with it. I went to Angela Kumpe's mini seminar where she demo'd it. I made a self adhesive foam stencil, sprayed the davis adhesive on my schnz. (she has about 1/4" of hair on her back), sprinkled a generous but not ridiculous amount of glitter, sprayed again w/the adhesive, dryed it w/my stand dryer. The round 'toes' of the paw print have stayed on but the 'pad' of the paw print lost a chunk within a few hours. I barely touched it and it fell off.
    Is this what will happen or did I do something incorrectly?
    Should the glitter only be used on a coat that has been clipped w/a 7 or shorter?