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    So I had a client in today and she wanted a #10 a/o on her Silky because of the summer heat. Well she was concerned about sunburn and the store I work at doesn't sell any doggie sunblock. So my question is can you use human sunblock on a dog??

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    Not sure about using human sunblock but I believe that CC Ice on Ice contains sunscreen. She can also call the vet to see if it would be ok to use human sun screen. I would worry about the dog having a reaction to the sunscreen. She can also search dog sunscreen on the internet there are some out there. Good luck
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      Espree has products with sunblock:
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        I don't know the real answer to that, but I do use my spray neutregena sunscreen on my dogs. My skin is so sensitive that I've figured if it doesn't bother me, it shouldn't bother them. I realize that that logic might be flawed, but it works for me.
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          Alot of people use horse sunscreen, same basic product but cheaoer. Vetrolyn makes a good one, anailable at most tack farm places.
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            I know I read somewhere that it was ok as long as it had no zinc.. but I have no idea if that is correct.