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Competitive Grooming on TLC

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  • Competitive Grooming on TLC

    I hope this post is allowed

    On Sunday, June 13, TLC invites viewers to explore the fast paced, quirky, and often times stressful world of competitive dog grooming and show competitions with the two back-to-back specials EXTREME POODLES and SUPER POOCHES starting at 9 PM ET/PT

    I can't wait to see this! I've got my DVR set.

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    Cool thanks!
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      Wow! I wonder where they did their taping? I guess we shall find out soon!


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        How cool thanks for the info time to set the dvr... Can't wait.
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          When I saw this I thought "great, it's on the freaks and wackos network."

          It seems like that mostly what they show these days. "short freaks and their boring lives" "fat freaks and their boring lives" "clutter freaks and their problem" "the kid with seven horns" "fish girl meets frog boy, a love story"

          It'll be interesting to see how they portray both creative grooming, and the groomers. I really hope they don't pick loonies instead of all of the wonderful people who do it.


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            List of Judges

            I don't think it will be one of those "wacko" shows

            The Judges are Terri D'Marino, Jay Scruggs, Jorge Bendersky and Vivian Nash

            not a bad line up

            From what I've read, it's suppose to be pretty good.


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              You forgot about the freaks w/ a bazillion kids, that's their bread and butter! It is nice that the tattoed people are the most normal ones on the network, lol.

              Looking forward to the show, thanks for the heads up.


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                I auditioned for this show but wasn't selected because I couldn't afford to go to the show where they were taping. From what I can tell, the production company does good, tasteful work. I know they got some good people to follow . . . and they were aiming for more of a documentary approach. I can't wait to see it.


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                  Thanks! This should be very interesting.