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    I haven't had a bad fear biter dog for 20 yrs I bet. BUT today I got a little 4lb Yorkie mix that was the worst. I did managed to get her done with a lot of care and a muzzle...I was wondering if she will ever come out of it and be a good dog?? The ones I remember were always bad their whole life but it's been so long ago since I have to deal with dogs like this.
    I usually have them come back every two weeks for puppy lessons but I have a VERY bad tendonitis in my left wrist and I just can't hold this kind of dog safely even though I use a LIPS system, she still has to be held secured in the tub and for drying.
    So I sent her to another groomer. What is your views on fear biters??

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    most of mine (and Ive had a lot) eventually stop if they come regularly. I only have one that I can think of that has just never come around even though I've done him for years but I really believe he has some wires crossed somewhere.

    If you can't do them though, don't risk injuring yourself!!!


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      I think they eventually stop and get's just the process of them learning (and it takes a long time!) that nothing is going to harm them. With fear biters i try VERY hard to do the same thing every time so the dog gets a routine down, and only keep them there for a certain amount of time so they get breaks (if needed) and do everything as slow as possible.


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        So I sent her to another groomer. What is your views on fear biters??[/QUOTE]>>>

        Some do get better, some don't. Gentle slow, careful handling helps me stay safe, and keeps the dog calm.


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          Most come around if the owner will work with you. You need to concentrate on what you can do safely for you and the pet, send em down the road if you can't hold them.
          ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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            I've managed to bring a lot of them around. It sometimes depends on why they're afraid in the first place.

            I'm a little concerned about the "send 'em down the road" attitude a few have expressed. I agree that if you can't do them safely you shouldn't keep trying. But I don't think it's fair to just dump the problem on another groomer with no warning. Send them to a vet who has a groomer, or call around to find a groomer who's willing and able to deal with this kind of problem.