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I need unique short cut poodle pictures, please

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  • I need unique short cut poodle pictures, please

    My Standard poodle client that was growing out & was the dog I was going to practice poodle grooms on all year, said she wanted him shaved all over with a #7. Needless to say, I almost cried as I was cutting off all that hair I had been trying to keep looking nice. She said she can't handle the length until colder weather. She said she needs him short all summer due to ticks being so terrible this year, which they are. I ended up shaving the dog leaving a Mohawk & a short pom on the end of the tail. Looked bad, had to start the Mohawk high up on the forehead because that is where a lot of the ticks were being found, in the face & eye area, he request. She said when she lived in Florida, most poodles were shaved due to the heat but that they would do unique things to the dogs to still make them look cute. Today was the Mohawk next time she want 's something unique but different. It still has to be kept in a #7 most places due to being able to find the ticks easily. She said her frontline worked on every dog but not this one for some reason. She mentioned carving in a name or symbol or something like that. I have never carved in a name or anything any advice on that? Does anyone have any unique pictures you could share of poodles with very short cuts yet with some sort of punch? Thanks, Terri

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    What color is her dog? Ticks are pretty easily seen...also, felt... and if it didnt work maybe she needs to put the dog on another product.

    That said I'm picturing someting much longer than a #7! Holy cow. Not much ya can do with that LOL. Can you talk her into say..... letting the coat get to a #5 at least..I mean c'mon thats only 1/4 inch fa cryin' ouloud!~!!! LOL.

    OK THEN..... maybe just shave in some designs on the side.... you know..some swirly whirlies.... and like...color them or something..just the swirlly whirly. Use some temp colors and some makeup brushes or something. Dunno just an idea. Change the pattern or the design...each time as he grows out... but... keep him semi short ...but how are ya gonna see a pattern if theres not some hair. I mean... otherwise youa re coloring SKIN. (sigh)

    but its just an idea...I have not done this. Use a stencil....or do free hand. I'd go for be even...

    You could even nix the mo.... do a regular shorter top... and pull some stripes of color through the ears or something to match... there are also "glitter colors" now available ... so you could get some shmanzy goin on. LOL

    Try to have some fun b/c it sounds like the owner likes to do some different stuff - kinda cool... if she's not so picky.


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      Quite a while ago, another groomer brought me her dog to practice on. He was a mini poodle and she wanted diamond shapes down his back. It looked kind of like a mohawk. I did one small one on his shoulders, two large ones on the middle of his back, then another small one on his hips. It went along his spine. She planned to dye the diamond shapes later. I think with a Standard, you could do far more diamonds and alternate sizes on his back.


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        short poodle groom ideas

        Thanks for the idea's. The dog is a grey color, & she said she can only see the ticks if she uses a blow dryer & looks for them. She said the dog also plays with her many other short haired dogs, running in tall fields & swimming in a kiddies pool. The owner is due to have a baby in 1 1/2 months & has a 6 year old & several other dogs so... I guess this is what she finds easiest. It's her dog, what can I say, as long as I am learning something new every groom & will give her the discounted price. That was my 1st mohawk & I am still Very slow at doing clean feet so that was practice for me there. I guess if I carve a name or symbol it won't be really noticeable because the hair won't be that long to begin with but can still be practice for me since I have never done it. Any tips on this? I had thought about the stencil thing but I was wondering, does it come off on carpet, furniture etc...? How long does stuff like that last? Any more ideas? Does anyone have any pic's they can share? Thanks, Terri


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          this little white girl is a #5 body with #3/4 legs, and the parti is a #4 with short scissored legs--really cute!
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            Windy, those pix were lovely (as expected!) I wish my clients would go for the nice full topknots, but I would hear about it..." Don't leave so mush hair on their head, it always falls down and they can't see!" You get the idea......

            so cute!


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              Very cute

              Windy, your grooms are always adorable. They sure look longer than what they are. I don't think she would want the legs that long & when cut short on a standard looks pretty bad. LOL This poodle is pretty thin to begin with, she is working on getting some weight on him & trying a different flee & tick product. I didn't get the impression she wanted the top not either & asked for the ears to be shaved down sort of like a cocker ear. I hate to say it but I didn't like the way the dog looked when it left but it was the way she asked me to do it. I did think the 5 rather than the 7 made a big difference but she wanted it shorter, at least for now. Any other ideas? Thanks for sharing the pictures though. Any other idea's? Thanks, Terri