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  • How many groomers...

    are able to be in town? We have about 3 thousand people here (mostly country) there is one groomer that has been here for i want to say 20+ years...Our community has been/is growing quite a bit...But how do you know if it could support another groomer?
    The only other groomer is at least 30minutes away, there was one home groomer that lasted about two months (not sure why they closed down or anything though!)
    I'm not thinking of starting a business soon, i want to finish school and hopefully work and save some money up...But I'm just curious as to if you think another groomer could survive.
    I may just end up moving south or to WI, but i do love this little town!

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    I would think so

    I work in a rural community that kind of equates to yours if you break it down to people/groomer ration. I live in a community with about 20,000 people and there are at least 11 grooming shops not to mention all the other unknowns that are grooming out of their houses. We all tend to stay fairly busy. There seems to be enough work to go around especially if you are reasonably priced and are good at your craft.

    I'm priced middle of the road and work 2 full days a week (by choice). I could support more business but I work in another location as well (by choice) I like the variety.

    I'm sure it would all work itself out

    Good luck


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      There should be more than enough

      An area that size should easily support another groomer maybe two. I live in an area that's on the outskirts of a large city. Many small towns surround the shop I have. The town I live in has 2 shops in town plus at least a few home groomers plus the some of the vets have groomers and they all stay busy. On the stretch of road I have my shop there are four shops two of which are right on top of one another. We all stay busy. If your willing to put in the time to build up a client base then you'll be surprised.

      Hope that helps.
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        My store is in a town of about 3500.. there are two groomers in town, myself - open for 3 years and another groomer who has been open for .. 15 maybe? Anyway.. I have myself full time, but we do one on one.. so avg about 5 dogs a day.. my part timer does about the same amount but only works 3 days a week. There a too many dogs for us.. and I'm assuming for the other groomer. We're booked 4-5 weeks out during busy times and 2-3 when not as busy. Could use another groomer around.. I'm desperately trying to find a full time groomer but haven't had any luck.


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          The town I groom from has 4600 people (about 80% of my clients are from this town), the county has 13,000 and there are 12 groomers within a 20 mins drive.