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i hate my job

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  • i hate my job

    ive been here for a year now,worked at a petsomething for 9 years and owned my own place for 3,never had a problem with anyone im very laid back and quiet.
    well this place all she hires are kids that are still in high school,they screw up appts,forget to write them down,forget to ask if its just a bathe or a full clip.for example today i had 7 dogs one was a huge furminotor,and a very old snippy bichon that was matted,and the rest small dog haircuts,well at 12:30 a woman calls and says shes running late with her shepard,i looked on books and she was not on the books
    but at the same time i had not finished one dog yet and pressed for time same with the other groomer,and we told her sorry for the misunderstanding but we couldnt fit her in,but would be more than happy to do him tommorrow,of course she get upset and said she will find somewhere else,well the boss found out and called us yelling at us for not taking this dog,now if i wasnt so busy and pressed for time i would have,but my first priority was to finish the dogs i already had,im not a robot and the dogs arent laundry i just dont know what to do,she expects to take in every dog and cat(im the only one that will do cats)that calls even aggresive ones,ive already been bit by a cat there,and she didnt even care,never called to see how i was or didnt offer to pay a dr.bill.
    am i wrong to be so frustrated?i love cats and dogs to much to treat them like an assembly line,and i hate going to work scared of whats booked for me,she does groom dogs that have been kicked out of other shops too,all she sees are dollar signs,yeah i like money too but i love animals and my sanity more

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    thankfully I have never worked in those conditions.

    but I have heard the stories. I dont understand. as a professional groomer I know what I am capable of. I can groom 12 dogs a day. I dont want to. I remember when I emerged from school. I worked from 8am to 4pm, I was usually booked 4 dogs, thats as much as I could handle. gradually, I worked up to 8 comfortably. now (17 years in) I'm trying to slow down to 6 a day. I just dont want to work that hard. and you know, I find the dogs to be much better behaved when I am not rushing through them. and I think I do a better job. I can and do still get them done quickly (1 an hour on average), but I dont feel like I have to hurry. I think packing them in so tight leaves a lot of room for error. there is one shop I know near me that is pretty well known for assembly line grooming. take any, and all at once. the dogs spend much of the day in cages waiting to be worked on. I've gotten several customers that used to go there and they have all had the same complaints. dogs are there all day and sometimes they dont get groomed. thats right. I have heard more than once that they have totlly forgot to groom a dog, they sat all day in a cage and never got clean. another client told me her dog was cut. not serious at first, but because the dogs are handled by different people, not only did no one take responsibilty, but no one cleaned or treated the injury. by the time the owner discovered this ( next day) it was infected. I'm rambling. not every high volume shop operates like this of course. Is the owner a groomer? If so, you would think they would understand. squeezing dogs in just for a buck is not good business. think of the other dogs, with appointments, that now get rushed through to make room for one more. or the added stress on a groomer trying to finish 10 dogs in an 8 dog time frame. not healthy.


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      Been there done that

      I too used to work in a shop like this. It was all about the $$$$. On busy days we would do 45 dogs a day--that's with 2 bathers and 3 dryers and 2 groomers to start. Then when we were done our boss would ask us to bathe her 7 dogs (GRRRRRR)

      I used to do 14 to 16 dogs a day and let me tell you that was at a break neck pace. The dogs would come in at 7:30-9 in the morning and many would stay 5-8 hours often with us not being able to let them out or give them water. We fielded many complaints of dehydration and long peeing when they got pickedup.

      Are you and independent contractor or an employee? If you are an employee all bites are worker's comp claims. It's illegal for her not to take care of your medical bills.

      It's terrible that you have to work like's so stressful

      I have my own place now and life is so much better.

      I feel your pain and hope that your work situation gets better


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        raining...this "job" hasn't worked for you from day 1. You need to move on. You have a great heart, and this place is not for you.
        I know you know that...I just want you to see it in type.
        I know grooming is technically "a job", but in 32's never felt that way to me, and I hate to see it starting to feel that way for you.
        You are never going to change the way she does look for a better fit,..... for your heart's sake. B
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          I would be very professional about it. I would professionally tell her that I was turning in my 2 week notice. I would work my 2 weeks professionally, and I would pack up and walk out the door like the professional that you are. End of story.

          You really don't have to work at a job you hate. There is something better out there for you. Go out and find it.

          Best of luck to you....



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            before grooming school

            I worked in a vet office as a kennel tech. I cleaned, let the dogs out, meds, baths, etc. I loved it and I hated it. for much of the same reasons you stated. but I couldnt bring myself to leave. my reasoning; who would care for the pets as I did. more than once I was scolded for spending too much time playing with the pups. serously. some of these dogs boarded for a week at a time, and I was expected to let them out, clean their cage, let them in, move on to the next. well needless to say, I stuck around late most nights I worked to 'play with the dogs, and I didnt get paid to do it. in just a few months of being there I was physically and emotionally sick. my husband had to step in force me out of there. much happier now. long story short. that vet is still running her business the same way, she has even expanded her kennels. some people just dont have the compassion. frankly I dont know why anyone would choose a career in a profession that they are obviously not passionate about. I agree with the others, move on. my guess is most of those clients will follow you. if we want the standards of grooming and professionalism to increase, we, as individuals, have to set those standards. others will eventually follow or go out of business.


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              thank you

              for your kind words,and advice
              i did tell my boss yesterday,i will not do cats in her shop anymore,its to crazy in there its not right for the cats or me,she didnt like it but i dont care,she got bit by a cat thats why she doesnt do them anymore,but i guess its ok if i get bit.
              ive been looking for a new job for a couple of months now,but a non-grooming job this place has taken a toll on me physically and mentally,that i just want out of grooming,this place has ruined that and i feel nothing will change my mind,i love the dogs and cats so much,and i will miss them alot,but i feel this is best for me right now,please pray i find another job asap
              thank again


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                Hang in there. Not at the shop, but emotionally. If grooming is truly in your blood, it will bite you again. When I left the corporate world, I was distraught. I didn't think I would ever be up to grooming again. Then at my new job, word got out that I groomed dogs. So I had my stuff and used hubby's workbench to do the dog. Then I ran into clients in the mall and they ran up and hugged me and asked where I was now and told me all these awful stories of what had happened after I left from 2 visits. I gave them my cell #. Then I got a new job and started gettting word of mouth referrals from those coworkers. The thing is, I am my own boss, I work at my pace, I use products I like and don't hurt my skin. If I need more time with a dog, all my clients understand their appointment may get bumped a bit because they know I take as much care with their pet. Grooming can be wonderful, and even a difficult dog can soothe your soul if you let it.
                Let your soul heal a bit before you jump into another grooming job, it sounds like you need it.


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                  I am assuming that your boss isnt' a groomer. It seems like so many groomer complaints are from those that work for people that have no clue about the realities of running a safe, happy and successful grooming business. I briefly worked for a woman who was like this. All she saw were dollar signs. She was totally uneducated about anything dealing w/pet grooming. Needless to say she didn't stay in business very long.

                  I very much hope that you are either able to find a job that makes you happy or that you are able to get through to you boss and coworkers on how to run a grooming salon.
                  SheilaB from SC


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                    well my boss is a groomer,in the sense that she bought a thriving grooming salon really cheap,and after she took it over the existing groomers left,so she had to teach herself to groom has been doing it for 3 years now,honestly i dont know how she stays so busy when other shops with great groomers are slower,shes not a great groomer although she thinks she is,she has learned alot since ive been there,now she bleands in the heads,when doing shave downs,she used to leave this big ring around the neck it looked awful,and her poodle top knots are starting to be more rounded instead of the flat top,but the most bizarre thing is all the request she gets,i dont know if its cause shes the owner or what,its really weird


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                      Why not go back to owning your own biz? If not a shop, in your home or even a mobile. After owning my own for 12 years now I could not and will never go back to working for anyone. Ever ever ever ever again, lol.
                      I have been treated like the poop we clip from under tails, expected to do ridiculous things, had an ex desk cop be a grooming supervisor and everything was 'puppy cut' when she took them in. Had to work saturdays when I was the only one with a kid and no daycare...that was fun, wondering what your 4 year old was doing while you were stuck grooming, take the sick kid to work because you were not allowed to reschedule dogs. I have a list, LOL. Thats only a few.
                      Oh and work for 40% commission at an average of $20 per dog. Work at shop where all the dogs were biters (not an exaggeration) because the owner 'specialized' in behavior problem dogs...that was a load of ****....I groomed dogs there that I had started as puppies at the other shop I worked at in town, groomed them for nearly 5 years and they were the sweetest best little dogs...pick up a foot and they tried to nail me....specialize my a$$...create more like it....And that one was a Know it ALL, couldnt tell that woman anything. 1, she didnt listen, 2, she talked down to you, 3, she didnt listen. Still doesnt....
                      Nope, I think I would rather sleep in a tent and hunt for my food than work for any again thank you, LOL.


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                        Go Mobile, set your own pace

                        or do House Call and same, or if you have a location that you can work out of at home, do that. Once a groomer, always a groomer. I've done a few jobs that were not groomng, and at all of them, my thoughts were on how much I really enjoyed grooming. So after a long career in grooming, I am still a groomer, semi retired, mobile, and I enjoy every day as I toodle off to do my 3 or 4 dogs (give or take) and still bring home a tidy sum. Which I get to see more of now that I am not supporting a family if 5, rather just the 2 of us and DH has his income (retirement) that could support us.

                        Something I always told my students..."if you wake up in the morning and dread coming to work (as a groomer) then you are in the wrong profession or location". Only once in all my many years of this career have I worked in a grooming location that this was true, and after 6 weeks, I bought that shop. My career includes working in a box corp store too. I can see no reason for someone to stay in a position they are not happy with. There is always a positive change in the other hand, so to speak, sometimes you just have to take the innitive to make it work.


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                          I don't know your laws in California but here in Connecticut if you are an employee and get bit/hurt during the course of perfroming work for your employer they are obligated to pay for your medical bills. I left one job for the same reason because a dog bit me finger and tore my flesh leavning some meat hanging out and the "employer" didn't think I needed to seek treatment as he felt it bleed enough not to get infected. WHAT!!! I got treatment on my own and sumbitted the bill which he fussed about paying so I left and filed it with the Workers' Comp Commission.

                          I will not work for people who expect me to do mean nasty biting animals and don't cover my expenses when I am injured by these animals.

                          You can find a better place.


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                            California has exceptional protections for employees. If an employee is bit you bet you should be allowed to seek medical care. There should be workplace posters on the wall of where you work advising employees of their rights too.


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                              is there any close competition nearby>? i was at a shop like that....slowly day by day i was starting to crack...because the owner of the shop only saw money signs in her have a full day of dogs (8 dogs), be washing and drying about 4 to 5 more for the other groomer, and doing walk in nail trims...barely had 5 mins to sit down for lunch without worrying about running behind schedule...and she'd cram even more dogs in on me....and all the dogs came in on the hour. so unless you had a poodle,newfie,berner,old english or anything resembling those you only got one hour to do these dogs...and she only had 1 regular sized tub the other was like a laundry room if someone goofed and someone had a golden and someone had a portie at the same time...the groom dog got to go in first regardless if they had 2 hrs and i only had 1 hr. oh yeah and she had 3 groomers there plus me (i was a bather/groomer i guess you could call it).and she also would take in anything that walked thru the doors....chows, dogs that turned cujo on you, aggressive dogs etc...ive never seen anyplace that had so many mean big dogs. the majority where nice...but there were some nasties in there. and i mean big dogs...i had a mean golden i had to muzzle thru the whole groom, an older arthritic shepherd, one of the groomers had a nasty briard....twas scary...not to mention the few rotties that got muzzled too....some where nice and some where nasty.
                              i left. i had had enough...i was so burned out i didnt think id want to do this anymore...until i landed in teh shop im at! we just click and connect and it just flows nicely!
                              wonderfuL! you just need to find another shop....
                              you will feel loads better once you go somewhere decent!