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My 1st Groom!!

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  • My 1st Groom!!

    Here is a picture of my 1st groom a Standard poodle named Paris...I did not do the top knot..nor did i scissor him Renee did that for me but I did all the clipper work......Loved it ! He was such a good boy and was very patient... here is the link I hope it works.

    Thanks Diane

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    Very nice!


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      Diane, you did a great job I know it was nerve wracking and having me hover over you, I'm sure, didn't help!

      Y'all, I want you to know that she even did the poo feet (great job too)! Paris is one of two that come in and get a 7 all except for TK, ears, and tail, as well as, clean F&F, because they swim in the river almost daily, so this was a great opportunity to get some good practice!

      ^5 girl!


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        That TK is huge, but, lovely. Those shave downs are a great opportunity to practice scissoring before you shave them down.
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