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Pet Stylist Super Show - Knoxville, TN.... is anyone going?

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  • Pet Stylist Super Show - Knoxville, TN.... is anyone going?

    I have been looking at the vendors and seminars at this and would like to know if anyone has attended this and would it be worth driving 5 hours to get to. I went to the Atlanta Pet Fair and wish I would've had more time to browse the merchandise. I was just getting into this and really didn't know what I needed. I am having a hard time finding some scissors that fit my hand due to an amputated . I am needing something lightweight and probably not over 7 1/2. If anyone has any recommendations.. I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking at the Kenchii brand.

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    I'm hoping to go since I am new I really would like to go but I'm sure my hubby really could care less..However, I need to keep my spending in check lol.. I'm new I need one of everything right.

    I also was afraid how the floods might affect knoxville. SO make sure you check that everything is on go before you drive that far.



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      Knoxville has not been affected by the TN flooding. That was in middle and west TN.

      Yes, there are a few of us from the board who are going.


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        I was hoping to attend since I went to grooming school there and the people putting the show together are former teachers of mine. Its the second year for the show so I'm sure its going to even be better. However my wife if going out of town and I have other appointments and won't be able to make it unless I just come up for the day. Its about 3.5 hours from my house. I'm still trying to work it out though.


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          going friday and saturday... would b cool to meet som peeps from the board!


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            I might have planned on going to combine with a visit to a good friend in Tennessee but I'm so glad I didn't set that up since my old dog is sometimes seeming to be failing, but then bounces back up again. Gray hairs galore - on me.

            I did check out the dates: Pet Stylists Super Show May 14-16, 2010

            It will be fun for those who go.
            Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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              I'll be there.
              That Tenacious Terrier!


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                I was there last year when it first debuted. Had a series of lectures and operated the booth. It was a small show as far as attendance and vendors go, but the people that were there were rather serious about learning and shopping. So for that I thought it was great

                I'll be there again this year doing more lectures on cat grooming, running the booth, AND finally getting a chance to actually compete in the Creative since there are no rules about speakers competing at this show. Alas!

                I expect it to be bigger because they have added many new events and promoted it more than they did last year. Also, last year it happened just 2 weeks after APF, which is nearly in its backyard. Good move to shuffle it to May, I think.

                We are leaving tomorrow and really looking forward to this show. Please come by the booth and introduce yourselves - let me know your screen names. I hate when I find out later I was talking to so and so but had no idea who they were at the time. Don't be shy. I don't bite. I may scratch at times, but never any biting.