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Gotta love them Grand-pup-parents!!!!

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  • Gotta love them Grand-pup-parents!!!!

    So on Saturday new client with two s, matted but not extremely. He wants them short. Of course the eyes are gunky and he is very flexible and says he just broke up with his live in girlfriend and he doesn't have time to maintain them so short is better.
    Nice guy around 30ish. Picks up the dogs says he is happy etc. I can't swipe his card because my machine was acting up so I telling him next time he is in the area stop in and pay me. Although I never met him before it wasn't his fault my machine acted up and he did ask me in the begining if I take cards.

    On Tuesday in walk two people who introduce themselves as Tom's parents and the dogs grand-pup-parents they need to pay for the grooms. Heres the conversation:

    Grand-pup-mother: Before I pay you I need to express my feelings.
    (She is now clutching her chest and acting like she is going to cry)
    These are our grand-pup- children and we love them. I know they were matted and filthy but were you very, VERY, very careful with the males ears? He has really bad ears and I am just waiting for an infection because my son didn't tell you about his medical condition.

    ME: I am careful with every dogs ears. I use cotton and re-check the ears to make sure they are dry.

    Grand-pup-mother: Well ok but we will monitor this. Also I noticed the eye area has a scrab like it was shaved too closely.

    ME: Wow, the dog has a scab?

    Grand-pup-father: Yep a scab, we know they were matted but you shaved too close, maybe?

    ME: Ah, a scab means they had to have been a cut. Was he bleeding before the scab appeared? Could it be hair that is wet then hardened from tearing?

    Grand-pup-mother: (now wringing her hands and twirling her earrings) No its its its a scabbbb.
    Can you take notes on this for next time...PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    ME: Sure (what next time?) as I start to write she dictates a manifesto of requests.

    Grand-pup-mother: We have no grand children so these are our grand-pup's and we visit them everyday. We make their lunch and take it to them while Tom is at work. When we babysit we read them stories and make sure they are adjusted well. We know there was no malice on your part it just happens that they are very very VERY sensitive andTom is not good at explaining this so we thought we sould. By the way you have a lovely clean shop and you did a great job on them. Next time they come we will bring them so we can remind you of their special needs!!!

    They were there for at least 20 minutes going back and forth and me trying to get to the bottom of the "scab" thing. I think if there were a scab the dog would have been cut. If it were shaved too close then it would have been bald I am thinking their was still hair and now it is wet and may look like a scab. I cetainley don't think it is an scab from an injury. Of course they didn't bring in the dog I guess he may have been in "art class" or at his physcotherapy appointment and couldn't come with them.
    Now keep in mind these people were very nice and were not being mean in any way they were just WEIRD-O's. So now I am just waiting for the male to develop one of his usual ear infections and I will get another visit from the fruit loop's. When they left I had two pages of notes!!!!

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    hahaha. Nice story! I know these types of clients can be a handful but at least you know they love their babies


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      If the scab was at the corner of the eye it could have been ulcerated before you shaved it.
      "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
      People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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        oey vay!

        how bout when they're wiping the dogs butts after they poop they also wipe the goo from their eyes as well! I've seen this too many times. The dogs come in with hardened goop at the eyes and the skin underneath gets sore from the moisture and lack of air. The only thing we can do is shave it out and hope for the best. And sometimes yes it may scab over if it was bad enough. It's neglect by the owners not carelessness by the groomer. It's common sense that the **** shouldnt be left on their eyes. They wouldnt leave it on their kids eyes so why is it ant different on the dogs? common sense just ain't common, ya know?


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          Thanks for your replies.............. I was just shaking my head thinking. These people should take all that energy and donate their time somewhere and let these poor dogs be dogs. Can you imagine what the dogs think when these two show up with the story books!!!