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    Hi all, I am new here and was just needing some advice. I am going to a womans house tomorrow and she has eight shih-tzu`s that need to be groomed, hopefully they are in good shape. I need some input on how to do this in a way that doesnt take all night, should we bath one, and then work on it or should I bath them all and maybe air dry them while I work on the other, any advice would be great. I do not have a HV dryer.

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    Hmmmm...Well first thing I would do is buy an HV. I guess if I didn't have an HV I would possibley bath them all first. When I saw the number 8 and all one breed, I thought maybe breeder?? Which can be good and bad...Good if she's a good breeder and the dogs are in good shape, bad if she's a bad one. If she's a bad one, her dogs are most likely going to be in bad shape. But you can wet shave them anyway, so bathing them all first is still probably my first choice. Nails, ears cleaned, bathed (maybe a sanitary done first before bath if their rear ends are unrecognizable or have hitch hikers), towel dry and wet shave. Finish drying up their new short do's with a blow dryer. If they're in bad shape - get some rest now - you're gonna need it. Let us know how it goes.


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      I would bathe them all then go back to the first one and dry and finish it then the second one...and so on.


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        Bath them all or at least half, wrap them then start finishing. If you have time go to Wal-Mart or lowes etc. They have vacuums that can also blow hair. It is a good thing in a pinch. Especially if you need a vac.


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          How do you dry them without an HV? Do you use another type of dryer?

          I would bathe 1, wrap it in towels, and then go to dog #2, bathe/wrap in towels, and do this on FOUR of the dogs. Then go back to dog #1 and start drying it with whatever dryer you have.

          Then do the next 4 dogs the same way.

          Good luck. You NEED an HV. If you can't afford one, there is a cute little "dog house dryer" that is white with a red roof---I have this and it'll do the trick for a while and it's less than $40, and is more powerful than a hand-held dryer and has a concentration nozzle on it.

          Tammy in Utah
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            I would make two visits and split up the dogs. Too many Shih Tzus for one day for me.

            I like to mix up my days so that I have some clipped dogs and some bath dogs in the same day.


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              Re:need advice

              Thank you all so much for the advice. I am a nurse by day, and do part time grooming on the side (wish it were the other way around)lol. I am gonna do four tonight and four tomorrow night. I am going to get a HV dryer in the next few weeks. I usually only do one dog per day, so drying hasnt really been a issue, but I do have a shop vac that will suffice in the mean time, thanks again.