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  • Extra charge?????

    A client called me today to reschedule her dogs' appt. which was for later this week. Her dog has to go back to her vet for a follow-up visit on the day he had the grooming appt. Let me preface this and say this is a very attentive owner...

    Two weeks ago they discovered a lump on his side, they awoke one morning and it had broke open, leaving fluid and blood everywhere. They took him into the vet. This vet visit was during normal business hours. It was not to an E.R vet. It was not a "rush him in" with out first calling the clinic.

    My client arrived at the clinic and was the only one in the waiting room, she didn't push past other patients that had already been waiting. The dog was taken in the back/ treatment area. The area of the lump was examined and he was treated. The owner was paying her bill and discovered an additional charge of $70.00, for a "fitting-in" fee.

    I am not familiar with this practice. When I was working at a clinic this didn't happen. I felt bad for my client. She said it would've been nice if they had told her this when she phoned them, not that it would've prevented her from bringing the dog in that morning. Anyone else know of this happening?


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    I am hearing/seeing more of that lately. Last week after not feeling good I made a same day appointment for myself at the DRs. and when I got there I noticed that had a sign up sayng they are going to be adding a same day appointment fee to those who have to be seen on the same day. I guess its just another way for them to make more money off the insurance companies.


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      Been there...sort of.....

      Recently, my 9 month old Collie girl had a 'goopy eye'....not super bad....but I needed to have it looked at for sure. It just so happened that I had an appointment scheduled to have her Lyme Booster within a couple of days.
      I called my vets office...spoke with the receptionist who I adore, telling her what was going on and if they had a cancelation could they get my girl in any sooner then my regular appointment time to have her eye looked at and have the booster at the same time.
      " probelem....we have an opening later today." she says.

      Long story short....I got charged $50.00 EXTRA bucks for the 'emergency visit'. Never was told that this would be the case.
      Honestly...I wanted my girls eye looked at....but it would have been nice to have been told ahead of time that there would be such a hefty additional charge for it.

      I'd love to see the looks on my own clients faces if I charged them $50 extra dollars for taking a cancelations spot! YIKES!


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        We never get charged for emergencies!

        Maybe it's because the vet makes so much money off our dogs and their 'freak' health problems/emergencies but we have been in there at least twice in the last month for emergencies (cat has issues) and never had a extra charge. That is sad that they would do that! I understand though i guess, they are loosing money from other clients...The last time we were there we brought our cat in and there were 4 other emergencies that came in that day and they were calling people to reschedule their appointments.
        But the closest emergency vet is about 45 minutes away.
        BUT we do sometimes bring our dog and leave it their to be checked because they are not sure when they will get to him/her they will charge us a 25$ 'daycare' fee but most of the time they do not charge us.


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          You bring up an excellent point! Last year we lost our Pom....he had several injuries and illnesses and our vet generally only charged us for one x-ray....not several if we needed them....and there were other charges along the way over the years that they have looked the other way I guess all in all....I'm ahead of the game.

          I do really LOVE my vet.


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            my understanding at our vet is that they keep a couple slots empty each day for emergencies. It makes sense that there would be an extra charge for those slots because they are keeping them free. I am guessing they dont always get filled so something needs to pay for that time. It probably evens out. I know saturday is always a huge day for " OMG my dog is dying, its been dying all week but today is my day off so you HAVE to see it today" Saturday is our busiest day... Imagine a client calling you at 10am sat morning demanding to get in. You would laugh. On the other hand if the vet says they cant fit them in, they interpret that as "Ive been your good client for years, you obviously dont care about my pet" I've seen our vets 1:00 close time turn in to 5 or 6 pm close time trying to accomdate, but there is always more. Just a bit from the vets pov.

            I never asked what if any the fee was for those slots so this is just a guess on my part.


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              I do believe people should be told about the emergency fee though. (continued from my prior post)


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                Originally posted by Jadenlea View Post
                I do believe people should be told about the emergency fee though. (continued from my prior post)
                I agree with you here ,the office visits are costly enough things happen beyond our power to prevent them this was not an after hours ER visit 70 bucks is a bit to steep for my understanding


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                  I have recently switched vets. Our vet before was one I had worked at as an RVT for 3.5 yrs. However in the past 2 yrs, she has gotten ridiculous with extra charges. She charges a disposal fee for EACH needle she uses for your pet, her prescriptions now have a processing charge added to them, I haven't had an emergency lately (TG), but I am willing to bet, she charges a same day fee also. I found another vet that I feel in very good with the animals, although not a thorough or good with diangnostics as the other. But with my RVT training, I feel comfortable with the switch. I can't stand to go anywhere where they "nickel and dime" you to death.
                  Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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                    The last vet I worked for started doing the same thing. She started to find things she could charge for. She would charge a $10-$15 lab fee for things like a fecal! Her justification is that the client should pay for the tech's time to do the test. So the fecal would be like $18 plus $10 on top of that for a lab fee...oh yeah and an exam fee. She also charged a prescription fill fee, again this fee is to pay for the tech's time. It just got ridiculous. She started losing clients left and right because she was starting to nickle and dime them and they got sick of it. She was the only vet for 15 miles and she took advantage of a lot of people. It drove me nuts. She even charged her employees all these stupid fees. I'm so glad I got out of there.


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                      This is probably a reaction to the prices being charged by the vets at the emergency vet clinics, which are always way more than the typical fee charged by the typical vet clinic.

                      I'm one of the lucky ones. The clinic I go to does not charge a "same day fee" because they do not schedule appointments. You come in when you want, put your name on a list and wait until you are called. Sometimes you get right in, other times you might have time to read "War and Peace" cover-to-cover, but you ARE seen the same day. Emergencies brought in automatically get bumped to the front of the line.

                      No extra charges, either. Matter of fact, they are much cheaper than all other clinics in the area.

                      The vets don't go home until the waiting room is empty.


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                        same here

                        Our vets are now charging a same day fee of $70 if your pet "needs to be seen" sometimes you have to wait a few hours to be worked in as well. After hours emergency fees are $150 just to walk through the door without any treatments.

                        I used to work at a boarding kennel and sent a poor client over there that needed shots to board and they got charged $86 for a bordatella shot $16 + $70 work in YIKES!!!!

                        I don't necessarily agree with it especially if you have to wait 2-3 hours to be worked in