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  • looking for a Cavalier

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a good rescue to adopt a young Cavalier from or a reputable breeder? I would really like to go the adoption route but will buy if the breeder is a real breeder and not a back yard breeding. any help is greatly appreciated

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    I'm not sure if you are looking for one to be shipped or what your preferences are, but I've seen some pics of WindyWay's babies and they are ADORABLE! I've been holding out for a Cav for years and when my Chihuahua baby goes I will most likely be giving Windy a call.
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      If you are looking to rescue, then try You can also access it by going through the cavaliers of the northeast website. The rescue coordinator for your area is Denise Hallsted and her contact info is listed there. I'm sure Windy can give you more info as well. Good luck with your search.


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        Yep, give me a call anytime, glad to help! Also, there is my rescue networking site links on my site at
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          Thank you everyone for responding The dog is not actually for me its for a dear friends parents who very unexpectedly lose there 4yr Cav. I have past the info along to my friend and who knows maybe we will be taking a road trip to windyway. LOL