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Rags to Riches photos...

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  • Rags to Riches photos...

    When are the rest of the Rags to Riches photos going to be up? I submitted mine on Thursday and they aren't up yet. I know you probably got a lot at the last minute, but I keep stressing out thinking that maybe you didn't get them.

    Stephen: Some of the entries of Thursday and Friday did not reach me. I am awaiting a call from Double K on Monday. I only receive entries, I do not operate their web site or programming, etc. They will fix and we will figure out how to retrieve. Don't worry, we will extend time to enter as needed if they cannot the entries that came in the last couple days. I will keep everyone posted here and on the contest page. It's up to their webmaster to do the fix first. Thanks.

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    UPDATE Mondary, yes there was a problem but Double K is sending us a backup of the entries of the last days of the contest. We will try to get caught up with all the last minute entries on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will keep you updated here. Often as I review entries I do find problems such as missing info etc and I will call or email so do check your email if you are in this group. Watch for more updates here. The good news is that it doesn't appear that anyone will have to submit again, thanks.

    I am closing this thread. Refer to the OFFICIAL forum for the contest for updates, all in one area. Thanks.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the Board Help Talk Forum. Thanks for coming to our community a part of