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Hey Sibes get a load of this

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  • Hey Sibes get a load of this

    Turn your sound on.

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    Wow ! I loved it! Where did this come from?



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      Love the first page - "Alaska - where women win the Iditarod and men mush Poodles".



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        I loved it, too! Wow talk about mushing with style. Loads of fun to listen to. Thanks!
        "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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          Originally posted by sittingpretty View Post
          Wow ! I loved it! Where did this come from?

          Found it on the Poodle Club of America website. There's a link to the history of Poodles.

          Dogs looked like they were enjoying themselves. Thought the song was great, especially the part when he sings about the Poodle doo.


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            I can't get the song to play. Larry Williams can star in his own romantic comedy.
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              Pretty funny FEllie! They sure do look like they are having a blast. From what I understand....Poodles are pretty good at this.

              It kinda brings back a nightmare for me tho. My mentor and friend got it in her head that she wanted to hook up and run her 2 IWSs in addition to her Sibes.
              Now, nothing against the IWS...and I've certainly met some that were of normal intelligence, but her 2 were not as fortunate. They were about the dumbest dogs I've ever met. I don't think they could have found their way out of a paper bag, even with their heads sticking out of it.
              Now my friend was actually askeert to run her dogs, so it fell to yours truly to take her teams out, thus it stood to reason I "got" to be the one singled out for the Inaugural Irish Water Spaniel Run. I had successfully put it off for 2 years when doomsday was unavoidable.

              She had been dragging them back and forth to all our training practices for the whole 2 years, they had been on the stake-out line w/ all the Sibes, they had seen teams take off prolly....250 times. So we harness them up and hook them up (just the 2 of them initially) and they just stood there w/ their come-by-it-honestly "dumb look". For quite a long time,...seemed like forever cuz I was on the rig looking at "Dumb" and "I'm With Dumb, My Choice" wondering how this was all going to end up, and would I ever be taken seriously again by dog or human.

              It got a lot worse when one of our running buddies picked himself up off the ground from toppling over in hysterical laughter, and decided what were needed were 2 Sibe lead dogs.
              We somehow got started and were no sooner around a bend and out of earshot (this is before cellphones) when the Sibes pulled a U-bee in midair and landed on the IWS...with full intent of doing away with them.
              I ended up with dogs tied to every available tree...sorted out the whole mess, and made the executive decision to run the IWS up front w/ the Sibes "chasing".
              I thought the eyeballs were going to pop out of the IWS's heads...but they certainly picked up the pace. Never seen them run that fast.
              It was fright AND flight...all in one.
              My poor friend was overcome w/ emotion when we came back around the bend w/ the IWS as LEADERS...thought she really had something there. Oh she had something alright. I never, ever, ran those 2 knot-brains again...and she never asked me to. I think I was still yelling at her a week later.
              Ah...the Glory Days! Thanks for the memory.
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                Wonderful link Ellie! thanks. They forget to mention in the book credits that Del Dahl's book of the poodle has a paragragh and photo of the team. I hope they make that movie. I think Poodles must be the most useful,and versatile of all the breeds,but may have some slight bias. Great story Sibes! I love picturing all the action and excitement unfolding! Only you would be mushing a team of IWS and sibes. LOL You guys made my day!
                "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"