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Okay - I Give Up!!!

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  • Okay - I Give Up!!!

    I got a Laube iVac a few days back to add to my arsenal and have been playing around with it. So far, so good.

    Have one question, though. How the (heck) do you get the hose off the back of the clippers? It went on easy enough but has little interest in coming off.

    I figure if I insist, I'll probably bust something.

    I figured it would be safer just to ask the help of those who know how to do it.

    Thank you!

    P.S. - Do they all sound like lawn mowers?

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    With mine, you just press the clipper down to the hose, then twist and it comes right off.
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      Don't feel bad I had the same problem so one day I just pulled and it finally popped off. I too figured I would break it. Good luck I could never get the hang of these so just sold them last week. I was only using them for short cuts and not very often so off they went and now I'm shopping for some new shears. I know that people love them but they just weren't for me. Hope you have better luck than I did.
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        There might be a little button to push on the end of the hose where it connects, then you just push & pull out


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          They have a springy clip. Just pull on the hose a little harder.


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            The hose can be hard to remove when the connection is new, just persevere with getting it off, it should just pull off and then sand it a tiny bit to make it easier. They shouldnt sound noisy.


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              When I had to remove the hose from mine, I too thought I would break something. But just really put muscle into it and pulled it off. It did just fine. I love my Ivac. I find if it starts sounding like a lawn mower, it probably needs the lever changed.
              Lisa VanVleet, RVT