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  • I should have known better

    Have ever had one of those feelings when you take a phone call that you'd be better off not taking this client? A few weeks ago a women called she had just gotten a soft coated wheaton ( you've got my interest) she's going out of town can she bring her in today? The call was at 4:45 on a Friday so had to say no well we continue talking and she is leaving the dog with a friend for a few weeks so could they bring her in? Sure I could get her in the next morning. Well I go on to ask her how she wants the dog clipped and then it starts she's not sure she thinks she like the coat the way it is but a little off and on and on so I let her know to write down what she wants and have the person bring the dog in give it to me that way I know what she wants..
    Well the next morning in walks a regular customer with this womens dog. He has no note and no idea what she wants done. So the little thing was a little matted so we agree on a bath brush out and just neaten her up. My thought is that you can always take more hair off later but you sure can't put it back on. So we get her looking cute mat free and all clean. Well Yesterday the guy that brought the dog in calls me to be the go between and let me know that the owner didn't feel that her dog had a good enough cut. ( seriously) it's been two full weeks he hasn't brushed the dog at all so she's got mats again and this lady wants me to groom her dog for free since it wasn't done the way she wanted.

    I get that people think we can read their minds but really, I haven't even talked to this lady yet so she's suppose to call monday to set up her "free appointment" Which I haven't agreed to I told this guy I would discuss this with him that I need to speak with the owner and not to tell her I would groom this dog for free. I need to fid out if she gave this guy instructions and then he didn't pass them on because if that's it then this is between her and him not me.

    Alright I feel better now just needed to vent before I beat my head against the wall for not going with my #1 rule never take second hand info on how to groom someone's else's dog. It never ends well.

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    I no longer accept clients unless I meet the owner first. Too many nannys, mother-in-laws, dog walkers, children that have no idea what needs to be done. I'd rather never have the client than have to fix something just because I was unable to gleen the correct information during an intake.


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      Just tell her what happened-there were no instructions written out, so you did what you did to be better safe than sorry. You probably didn't charge her for a full cut anyway. No free groom-if you want to knock off a few bucks to make her happy, then do so. I wouldn't, but then, Wheatons are not my fave breed to groom.
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        NOT your problem; it's hers!

        She not only should have made arrangements to bring the dog in herself but at least written down what she wanted and then to wait two weeks before calling to say she wanted more off? NO FREE GROOM!
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          The only thing I would give her for free is advice.


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            Originally posted by scrubapup View Post
            The only thing I would give her for free is advice.
            And this: [KANK!] STRAIGHT to the curb!!!
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              Hindsight being what it is...often worhtless, I'll add one more thought; I might've told he on the late Friday afternoon that if she wanted to bring the dog, RIGHT AWAY for a simple "meet and greet" you could've met her and got the details of her grooming requests.

              With all new dogs that I get the "oh,oh, this may be trouble" feeling, I insist on a meet the owner and dog before scheduling an appt. You can better assess the condition and temperment of both the dog and the owner! It can save you a headache later on. If you feel the situation isn't right for you (or the dog) you can refuse them with out having already made an appt. that would be left empty if they came in on the appt. day and you had to refuse them.



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                Damn SCWT peeps


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                  uuurrggg There's nothing really to say to that, that you don't already know LOL I'm just glad you felt better after venting about it.

                  So did your boy sleep all the way home yesterday =)
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