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Help! I need nasty nail pictures!

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  • Help! I need nasty nail pictures!

    I'm setting up a once a month nail trim shindig at 2 separate holistic pet food places near me to benefit 2 different animal rescues (and to give my mobile biz more exposure). I'm currently working on making up a flyer to post at the 2 places but I need nasty long, curled, embedded, etc., nail photos. The ones I recently took of an overdue matted dandie didn't turn out so well.

    Any thoughts of catchy captions I can add to go along with the pictures? For example:
    Do you hear an odd clicking noise when your pet walks on your kitchen floor? (insert general picture of long nails)
    Do their toes look like gnarled tree roots? (insert picture of nails and toes facing sideways)

    I want to get the point across through images, but in a slightly humorous way via the captions.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. My first date is May 15 so I need to get the flyers out quickly to get the word out.

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    There's a current thread called "Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to the vet I go" (or something like that). It's got a great photo of a very curly nail.

    As for captions, when clients complain about the clicking, I tell them I can get Fluffy back into "Stealth Mode". Maybe you could build on that?

    Good luck.
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      Get on Google or Bing and pull up "images". Then put in "long toenails dogs".

      I did that recently and up popped a photo of a dog with nails on it like an ant eater.


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        Not sure if this helps but what I found out is....

        Long nails can give them trouble moving around on shiny floors and on stairs as well.


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          I love this blog.

          Sorry i cant help with cute names.
          There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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            I sent you pm.
            Lets see if you like these.
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              I have couple more one embeded and one twisted into a spiral but comp would not let me upload them.


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                I'm not sure you can use this, but these long nails are from a Pom that I groomed for my local Humane Society.

                Happy Pedicure

                Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


                Steve: I'm having great difficulty adding attachments, program won't allow me to view all my picture and then NOT being able to review the picture, since you have done your upgrade. Any suggestions?
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                  Here is one showing a nail about to become ingrown , and also a 'before & after'
                  I tell people that if the dogs nails are overgrown , its like they are walking around in poorly fitted shoes, or like walking with stones in your shoes.
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                    Gotta Love Gracie posted the Grand Momma of all toenail pictures someplace around here. It is on a thread entitled (sorta) "The worst case of abuse".
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                      You can do a couple of thoughts to promote your mobile business:

                      1. You hear the scattering of little paws that run and hide when you turn on a light? Oh, it was just your dog whose nails are wayyyy to long.

                      2. Can you smell your pup coming before he ever gets there? Dirty Coats and Dirty Ears put off strong odors.

                      3. Do you love you pup sleeping in bed with you? We used to have to put 25cents in for a vibrating bed but now an itchy dog does it for free.


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                        Thanks everyone for the help! I borrowed a couple of the pictures and Kristen, those comments were hilarious. I especially liked the vibrating bed one.