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Excited, but eep!

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  • Excited, but eep!

    So, uhhh...I've decided to try and compete at All American this year!

    My only problem? Well, #1 finding a dog!

    I have a standard poodle request client that I talked to about competing and she said she'd let me use him, but the problem is, he only gets a clean face, no clean feet or poodle tail, and he's a #0wahl (the yellow comb) all over. She doesn't really want me to put poodle feet on him, so I'm kind of at a loss of what to do. I've never competed before but I know that I couldn't use that trim even in potpourri. I'm going to email her in a bit to see if she'd be willing to do clean feet at least for the next few months up until the show and then just grow them back out...but I dunno if she'd be up for that.

    Also as a bit of a segway, what do y'all think of those yarn dogs? I want to practice my hand-scissoring...would that be somethign I could practice on a model dog, or no?

    I don't have a stacked picture of Louis (my big poodle man) but here's a "before" pic of him right before his bath...he's a big apricot boy (and actually has really nice hair!) also likes a big full round topknot, so I'd have to tame that down too....

    sooo....yeah! I'm excited, but...well, like the title of this thread, eep!
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    the picture is not up but I had a thought as I read your post. You 'could' ask her to do all the 'bells & whistles' because her dogs ..."IS such a perfect dog" and she would have bragging rights to all her friends & family that her dogs was 'chosen' to be in a professional pet grooming competition... make sure to mention how you will be bringing her back pictures etc....

    People quite often will be more often than not willing to allow you to if they know you think so highly about 'their' pet.

    worth a try at least!