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So my fiance brought our dogs in for him to bathe...

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  • So my fiance brought our dogs in for him to bathe...

    I'm booked solid today, he calls me so I'll bring home shampoo and he'll "just bathe them at home." Mind you one of these dogs is a St. Poodle that needed groomed 6 weeks or more ago! (We all know how our dogs never get groomed!) I tell him, just bring them in here and you can bathe & dry them here, "I must clip the poodle first or he will never get dry!"

    So he handles the papillion X without issue. I clip the poodle (yeah, with a#7...scrawny butt never gets a real poodle groom!) He DOES have beautiful, long, fluffy ears. Fiance goes to washing him and I look over and he's got a ear between both hands just rubbing away with shampoo!!!!! I'm horrified, but what do I do? It's too late now, he's not a groomer, he didn't know, so I think "Oh, it can't be that bad."

    OH YES it was that bad. While I never knew for sure if it was true about doing that to long hair I promise you it is. I get him on the table to dry and his ears are nearly pelted. All I can do is shake my head at myself and laugh. So now he has sparse, short ears.

    So thankful he grows fast!

    Note to self: significant others do not learn how to groom/bathe by osmosis!

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    "Note to self: significant others do not learn how to groom/bathe by osmosis!"

    If only it was that easy! sometimes it pays off to have short haired dogs because if my bf managed to mess up a rottie id have to kill him lol


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      LOL...our standard poodle is my husband's dog (I'd like to say I'm smart enough to own a Chihuahua but I pushed just as hard for the poodle as he did. It was adorable watching them together the first time!) and we have the agreement that he is the one to brush him out. Hubby is outfitted with a silver les pooch brush and greyhound comb. Poodle is currently in a pretty easy to maintain German trim.

      He WHINES every single night about how much time it takes even though I've given him several brushing lessons and he watches me groom from home ALL the time. Brink doesn't even mat very much. Just a few pin knots here and there. And we've had the dog since September so he's had plenty of time to practice!

      Last night he spent over an hour working out one front leg. He complained and I had the other one out in ten minutes while he gaped at me. *smirks*
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