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  • Doodle regrets......

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    I remember him mentioning that he regrets "creating" the doodle.

    I'm seeing a lot of them (and other designer mutts) turn up at the SPCA I volunteer for, and sadly wouldn't be surprised if I saw one of the doodles that comes in at work there He's basically untrained (mouths, vocal, etc), didn't get his first grooming until he was eight months old. When I see people interested in doodles I will point them to the shelter, or to poomixrescue or tell them to go to either poodle rescue or a reputable poo breeder.


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      interesting article! Thanks for sharing it. It got me thinking if I've ever met a calm doodle, or one that stood still and wouldn't knock a kid over, and the only ones I've met that wen't wild, were biters. At the end of the day people can breed whatever mixes they want, I just wish they'd breed healthy ones.


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        The linked article "Making Oodles" will make you head spin!


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          I'm glad to see this article. I have a "labradoodle" I see about monthly. It's a backyard bread dog and very obvious someone said "hey, I've got a lab, let's breed him to a St. Poodle and make money with labradoodles." It actually looks nothing like labradoodles.


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            "making oodles!"

            wow that article annoys me..the so called 'reputal breeders' talk about how bad poodles and cockers are and so you mix them and you just get the perfect dog...
            Most of the owners of doodle dogs are completely clueless as to what they are getting in..i think we maybe have 1 or two well behaved ones..the rest are neurotic about one thing or everything...i wish they could just make bad breeders go away!!!


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              Originally posted by arlaede View Post
              It actually looks nothing like labradoodles.
              I've never really seen any that look alike, so what are they even supposed to look like? All different sizes, shapes, colors, hair type. I've never seen any real commonality.

              I'll bet the "breed" profile says it doesn't shed! LOL!
              There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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                Best article I've read in a while! My favorite part was when the lady said they are hoping to be recognized by the Australian Kennel Club or whatever it's called. I was like, "yeah, right! " Seriously, they have to have some kind of consistency---when someone says ___ doodle, we should ALL know what it WILL look like. Right now, they are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get! I have a guy who has 2 dogs, littermates, one is blonde and fluffy/curly, like a standard poodle pup's coat, the other is a black dog that looks just like a flat coated retriever, maybe a little more hair than one, and...he sheds. LITTERMATES!! ROFL!

                Tammy in Utah
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                  It is so funny that this was posted today, I have or should I say had a sweet client who lost her schnauzer at christmas, I had groomed her every 4 weeks for about 2 years. She called me on Sunday to tell me she got a new labradoodle puppy and wanted me to come meet him, she gave me the name of the breeder and told me I should go look at there website. Im not against breeders but right now with California in such a financial mess and so many dogs being put to sleep here because animal controls budget has been cut so much I really dont think anyone should be breeding anything. This breeder lists 11 "studs" and 21 "dams" all puppies sell for $2500.00 and must be picked up at 8 weeks or you are charged $25.00 a day, they are allready "desexed" at this point. I was going to go meet the puppy today because the puppy who is now about 3 months and 10lbs but isint suppossed to be much bigger than her schnauzer, is scratching his ears raw. I start trying to explain to her what is going to be involved with the grooming of this dog and she tells me how she brushes him everyday with a pin brush because the breeder told her to never use a comb because you will scratch his skin. She didnt want to hear anything I had to say and then she told me that she did'nt think I liked her dog or her breeder and felt we should end our relationship! I tried to tell her about the matted dogs I see all the time and it seems that some breeders dont educate the buyers of how often a dog should be groomed or what it is going to cost to maintain any amount of coat but she insisted her dog had a "wavy fleece" coat and she only wanted about 4 inches of coat. so there wasnt going to be any problem. I know I have a problem with saying what I think but she was really starting to annoy me so I finally told her the only problem I had was someone charging $2500.00 for a mutt! That was enough to end the conversation.I feel bad but I know that Im better off not grooming this new dog.
                  So there is no misunderstanding, I have no problem with mutts!


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                    The last poster's experience with the previously good schnauzer client,who has now been brainwashed into thinking a bunch of false information by a money grubbing "expert" says it all. Some of these doodle "breeders" must have been con artists in their previous lives. I had a similar experience with a lady who took offence to well meaning advice at the shop I had with my daughter,she paid 2,500$ plus shipping for an 11th gen purebred Austrailian Labroodle!. Flash forward a year I am out walking the trails with hubby and dogs,and see a gigantic apricot doodle,and I mean huge! badly behaved,even on lead,and long overdue for a trim,you could tell she has been brushing the top a bit and underneath will be a pelt. I feel sorry for whoever the groomer is,as the lady is certain the coat is easy care,doesn't matt,etc etc. When the man who invented doodles even thinks it was a big mistake what does that tell you?
                    "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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                      I have to say.....

                      I LOVE this article and am thankful you posted it for all to see! I may even print it out to have on hand for certain clients to read.

                      I own, love, show...and on VERY rare occassions breed, Rough Collies.

                      I've had sooooooo many ask me "How much money do you make when you breed?" I laugh in their faces! Do you know with all the money I have put into my dogs....from simple advanced genetic health show would need to sell each and every pup for about $7000.00 to just make back the money I put into them! And that's NOT making a profit!

                      I am not a dog snob....if you adore your dog(s) then I am so thrilled for you no matter where they came from....what breed they are....but please people! Stop buying these designer dogs! Go to a shelter and give a dog who really needs a home a wonderful family! Or find a breeder that stands behind their dogs....generation after generation.
                      Stop supporting these 'breeders' who only care about the almighty dollar and not the dogs at all.
                      I have a friend...a very close friend...who bought a designer dog from a local HOARDER....and that's not even a joke....My friend said that she felt like she was rescuing her dog when she handed the lady $1000 to get poor Rocky out of there. (insert eye roll here)
                      To me....seems as though you are supporting her BAD habit....not rescuing anything at all. You just gave her the cash she needs to keep going.
                      The money is the motivation.

                      Last year I got a beautiful sable Collie girl to add to my own family. I was on a waiting list for about 2 years. I did the research....found the perfect match for my boy....generations of great dogs behind her....wonderful breeder....every test done that is possible.....I couldn't be happier. Beauty, brains, and health.
                      I go to the airport to pick up my girl after such a loooong wait.....and there is another woman waiting for a pup as well. Long story short....she tells me she is there to pick up her Cocker-poo that she found on the internet two days ago.....she paid twice what I paid for my girl.....both for the dog....and the 'breeder' ( and I use the term loosely) also charged her double for the flight ! ( another eye roll here too...with a huge look of shock mixed in)
                      She looked like she felt a little foolish when I told her what I paid for the exact same flight....and I just know she saw the look on my face when she told me what she paid for the pup! <gasp!>


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                        I encounter the same attitude with amny people who have 'designer ' dogs. I once got in an arugment with a guy who insisted my fuzzy faced show quality SDT poo was a Labradoodle. He insisted that I had it wrong and the owner would be happy to be told what they had at which point his moth dropped when i told him I Was the owner. Also has a customer who "bought" a "labradoodle" from some bad rescue i found a chip in hte Curly Coated Retriever whose tail had been recent;y amutated they giy took off before i could rescan and get the chip number never saw him again. He probaly knew the dog was stolen!

                        I paid $400 for my now deceased Dodger and got his son in a puppy back breeding deal. Joker is the St Patricks dog that is on the extreme grooming article and anyone can see how mice he is I was being asked eary on how much i would take for him.

                        I have no liking for fraud and I am glad the original progenitiator of the Doodle ow admits to his mistake. Why can't people see that Std Poodles make great guide dogs?