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  • What the heck...

    Is a "Broken" haircut???? I had a woman call me today wanting a "broken" haircut on her long haired Jack Russel... I didn't asked couldn't get a word in edgewise, she is quite the conversation monopolizer.. I have just BB this dog several times before, she has long soft hair, however not she wants it" broken". I am looking forward to hearing your response on this one. Thanx much!

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    I'm guessing it would be what you would get if you used a skip tooth.


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      I guess your pospective client might be somewhat confused. JRT/Parsons have two hair types: smooth and broker or rough. Broken or rough coat is wiry and needs to be handstripped to maintain the texture. If dog is shaved and never handstriped hair turns soft. Broken coated dogs usually have longer hair and have facial hair. Ask her if she is looking to get back the texture or she just wants her dog to look rough coated JRT. If it is the first, the dog needs to be handstped, which might not work if dog has been clippered all its life. If it is the second, she needs to tell you more about the look she wants because rough coated JRT / Parsons have different ammount of coat on face which depends on the dog. They range from barely there to fox terrier like.
      If she wants the dog cut , depending on how much coat she has now and how plush it is I would use SSSC 4 or 2 and do short "brick" face with very tiny brows, like border terrier's.