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repeated phone calls and being a general PITA

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  • repeated phone calls and being a general PITA

    OK, I normally don't partake in client issue's, but I've really HAD it with the repeated phone calls and being a general PITA for a dog that I've never groomed before and have had to coddle the owner over and over again!

    I was scheduled to groom this ancient dog today and this week alone, the owner has called me NO LESS that a couple dozen times regarding this groom. Today, before the dog even came in she's called 4 times!!!! She would always tell me how I needed to be careful about handling her and that she had a bad heart, etc etc etc. I assured her that I would not cause her any excessive stress, but dad-gum-it, I wish I'd just told her forget about it, grrrr. Well, I was going to call her this afternoon when I was ready for her to bring the dog, but then the second time she called, she wanted to know an approximate time, so I GUESTIMATED a time and said give or take a few minutes. Well, her hubby came EARLY and when I told him it would be a few minutes and he could leave her or wait with her til I was ready, so he asked how long and I told him 15 - 20 minutes. Well, you'd think I just dropped an atomic bomb! He stormed out and I'd actually thought he'd left, so I continued on with the dog I was grooming. Back in he walked 15 minutes later and I went ahead and took her in and bathed her. The lady called me back (for the 5th time today) a minute or two after I got her out of the bath and wanted to know how she was doing. I told her fine and that she was in the crate with a fan because I didn't want to use the dryer (so I wouldn't stress her). WELL, she bout stroked out saying that it would BURN her and that her vet was NOT going to be happy! She would be way to stressed being in a crate and that drying her was NOT acceptable! I told her to come and get her dog because I felt she would be more comfortable at the vet's office. She said, "oh no, you need to groom her" I said that I would groom her wet if that's what she wanted but that the groom would not look good and I wasn't going to touch her face because she had a terrible infection of some sort that she'd failed to tell me about in the 100 times she'd called me leading up to this groom. I felt so bad for that poor old dog and wanted to make her feel better, but couldn't get over how LOW this lady was making me feel and even though I'm VERY in tune with the dogs and compassionate, I didn't want to finish the job. I did what I could and called her to pick up and I vowed to myself that if she ever called me again, I'm NOT doing the dog and WON"T ever waste my time on people like her again. I don't need the business that bad!!

    BTW, had an ancient Schnauzer today too that I"ve been doing for nearly 2 years that I had to let go today also due to her physical condition and stress level for grooming. Thank god THEY were understanding and know that I've done my best with her!

    Thanks for lending an ear

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    I don't have the patience for a client that needs that much "hand holding". I will do a lot to "cater" to the owner, but a client like that is the type that will come back later and claim you injured the dog or something like that.
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      Must be the full moon. People must think we fell off the turnup truck! One lady is driving me nuts calling after hrs, then calling and calling.
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        What an awful day you had. I won't take on a new 'ancient dog' without asking a lot of questions-like where have you been getting her groomed? I always suggest they stay with the groomer who has done the dog before as the pet is familiar with that shop and groomer. Sometimes they are honest enough to say that they were 'fired' because their dog was too old. Since I work alone, I get the owner to stay with these oldies. Imagine what that lady would've done if her dog had died in your care? (Shudder)
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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          After a good night's sleep, it's clear to me that I CAN NOT deal with this woman again. She's aggravated me for the last year with her phone calls and wanting me to do her dog, complaining about price, wanting me to do an express groom in the middle of my day (but not wanting to pay extra), etc etc etc. Yesterday CURED me! I'm DONE!

          I take a lot of pride in my job and appreciate my clients, but I refuse to coddle people like this ever again. This dog IS in bad shape and it is probably best to do what grooming needs to be done at home or at her vet's office and that is what I will tell her IF she ever calls me back!

          As for the dog dying on my table, I NEVER want to have to experience that which is one reason I let the old Schnauzer (18) go yesterday. After doing her for going on 2 years, it was a difficult conversation to have with the owner, but it was what's best for the dog and me.

          Thanks for letting me make sense out of all of this and I do apologize for the "public" display