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  • Skunk Baths?

    How many of you guys do skunk baths in your shops? I have done one before and boy did it make my shop smell for a long time. Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of skunk odour and do you ask clients to bath the dog before they come in or do you take a freshly skunked dog into the shop?

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    I don't do them

    Used to, but it's not worth the smell unless it's a FABULOUSLY good customer and is on a day I can explain to other clients.

    NilOdor is a great deskunking shampoo, and has a good deodorizing spray, but skunk is skunk. I refer them to the vet.


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      Nope. My tiny 12x12 shop can't handle the stink. Bad enough when a 3 or 4 day old skunk dog comes in. Clients can smell it for days.
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        I've placed bowls of apple cider vinegar around the shop and it absorbs the odor. The first time I tried it my next client came in an hour after bathing my skunked dog and I asked her if she could smell anything because once you get that smell in your nose it stays there for awhile so I needed another opinion. She couldn't smell any skunk odour. My grandson thinks the vinnegar smells like dirty its better than skunk.


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          We usually don't, but will if pressed to do it. We usually give the owner the skunk dog recipe and suggest they do it themselves.

          Whether you do them or not, the worst thing they can do is bathe the dog. That only spreads the oil throughout the coat and sets it in. They need to treat the skunked areas first by wiping off as much of the oil as they can, then apply the de-skunking solution: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, one cup baking soda, one teaspoon dish detergent.

          Often the spray will be on the dog's face, maybe even in his mouth. You can't really treat the mouth, and you don't want to get the mixture in the dog's eyes. On the face it's best to apply the mixture with a soft make-up brush or cotton balls.

          Leave the mixture on the dog for 10 minutes, then rinse and bathe. Some people have reported that this mixture will bleach dark coats. I'm not saying they're wrong, but I've never seen it happen.


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            I do them. I feel kind of obligated....being in the country and all. Sometimes, I think our skunk population outnumbers the dogs around here. Either that or we have 1 speedy ole skunk flying around baptising as many dogs as it can. And I'm home-based, which does make it a little more painful, lol!

            I do just as Helly said...I beg the owner NOT to do anything, and use the concoction she provided the recipe for.
            I follow it up w/ a cool water SOS shampoo, squeeze towel "dry" and essentially let the dog air or passive warm air dry (no force drying, no warm air blowing directly at the dog).

            I don't let the collar stay here.

            CC makes a product called Miracle Air that has been the best thing I've ever found for ridding the air of skunk odor, and's safe enough to apply to the dog as well, tho I've never used it on the dogs.
            Honestly...I don't think I'd be doing skunk dogs anymore...if I had not found this product...thanks to this forum.

            I'd rather do a skunk dog than a Lym dip any day!
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              I'm home based and not crazy about it either. I usually charge a nifty emergency fee, for starters. Second, I have them bring the dog at the end of my working day so they're not stinking up the place too much. Third, I specify a time I need the owner back because even after the bath there's still some odor. For those who can't or don't want to bring them at the end of the day, they are welcome to bring them earlier, but only after ok-ing their dog being crated outside.

              Although some odor may waft upstairs once in a while, it doesn't linger and I don't think I've ever noticed any smell say a couple of hours after stinky dog is gone. Open your windows & doors, turn on exhaust fans, disinfect & deodorize the tub and you should be ok.
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                eucalyptus oil removes the smell .if you have an air purifying system add a drop of eucalyptus on a cotton ball to it if you do not have a system try adding a cotton ball to your shop vac and run it for a while( I use my filter queen vacume for this)


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                  I'm mobile and dang skippy I do skunk dogs. I use Helly's recipe, minus dish detergent because if the dog licks the baking soda/peroxide mix he may vomit, but, dish soap could poison him. I charge 2.5 **** Zhus for the procedure.
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                    I work in a mobile van and have bathed skunked dogs and the smell lingers. As for the dog it lingers on them too. One Chow I bathed when wet I smelled skunk. I mentioned it to the owner about the dog having been sprayed by a skunk and she was shocked because that had happened half a year ago! Boy does it linger on and on.

                    I don't get calls about that (not as yet). Will recommend the Helly suggestion.


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                      Our shop doesn't do them, we don't keep a skunk shampoo on hand either, too big of a hassle. Although some people have brought dogs in without telling us ahead of time and since we're not prepared I tell them it won't completely smell skunkfree.


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                        Do you happen to have a fenced in yard? I have my clients bring the dog around the back and i take them in to the yard where i have the
                        peroxide/bakingsoda/dish soap concoction all made and waiting. I soak them down in it, rub it all in good and leave them in the yard for ten mins while it sits. Then its right into the tub.

                        I havent had any trouble with the smell lingering.


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                          Just an added note. Many of the things people think will remove skunk odor don't. They just mask it. Tomato juice, peppermint or euca;yptus oil, mouthwash. None of them neutralize/eliminate the odor. They just cover it up.

                          On the other hand, mixing baking soda and peroxide causes a chemical reaction with the thiols in the skunk spray, chemically alter them so they no longer have an odor.

                          One problem I've noticed, though, is that some dogs seem to have it soak down into their skin. I recently did a Yorkie that has was treated with the baking soda mixture immediatly, then came in for a groom. I cut the hair quite short, but he still smelled. They brought him back a month later, and he still smelled, even after I practically shaved him bald. I believe it's in his skin.

                          I'm wondering if, in a case lke this, a clay mask could be used to pull the skunk oil out of his skin. They're going to try it. I'll let y'all know if it worked.


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                            You could always keep some bottles of Davis Triclosan in the shop and have them come in to buy a bottle to use at home. That shampoo works miracles on stink.


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                              [QUOTE=4Sibes;410000]I do them. I feel kind of obligated....being in the country and all. Sometimes, I think our skunk population outnumbers the dogs around here. Either that or we have 1 speedy ole skunk flying around baptising as many dogs as it can.

                              Me too. The back door of my shop goes to the bathing room so that's how they come in and everything is done in that room at the end of the day. I use the salt water method (learned it here).