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Driven to distraction!

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  • Driven to distraction!

    I've read threads from shop groomers about how annoying it is to have customers show up unexpectedly, interrupting the groomer's rhythm and upsetting the dogs. Well, we mobilers have distractions in spades! Yesterday morning, I was grooming an excitable, table-spinning JRT. He's sweet as they come but has been in a pain in the butt from day one. It got worse when 3 squirrels decided to chase each other around the trunk of the tree right outside the window next to the table. Then they jumped onto the roof of my van, where one of them stuck its little head into the roof vent to check out what was goin' on inside, before resuming their play. Bailey just about lost his fuzzy little mind and I had a helluva time getting him to calm down.

    The next groom was a sweet little schnauzer who is nosy as all get out and has the attention span of a gnat. She was actually doing pretty well until the 6-year old and her 3 friends decided to play outside on the lawn. The next 30 minutes were spent in a futile attempt to re-directing her attention off the kids and back onto me. Sigh. Nope. Don't wanna be groomed, don't wanna face this way, don't want my nails clipped, I wanna PLAY and I'll bark my head off in this small confined space, deafening us both if necessary, until I get what I want. Again - sigh...

    Third groom of the day was an elderly lhasa, ill-tempered, flighty, and skittish as all get out. Every little noise sets her off and in the hour I had her in my van, the garbage truck came, the street sweeper went by (REALLY close, too) and, as a finale, the skies opened up for a brief but vicious hailstorm, complete with thunder and lightning. The dog shinnied up my neck and wrapped her paws around it, burying her little head under my chin. I finally brought her and my tools inside the house and finished her up in there, cuz there was no reasoning with her.

    When the office called me to let me know that "Hateful" the persian's shavedown had been cancelled, I was never so happy to get a last minute cancellation. Honestly, Im not sure I could've pulled it off!
    Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
    George Sand (1804 - 1876)

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    If you have a window or roof vent (in the case of the squirrels) put hooks or clips on the corners so if need be you can put up a towel to block the view and or distraction......its a life saver!!