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    I rec'd a telephone message from a prospective new client at 10:30am Monday. I am in school all day & did not check my messages until 9:00pm. She said she was re-furred to me by another client of mine. I returned her phone call on Tuesday at 11:00 am. She said, "Well I never heard back from you so I had her groomed some place else." I just said Ok, you called yesterday. She said. "well next time I'll be sure to have you groom her." I thanked her for calling and said, Looking forward to meeting you and your baby!" I guess that means even if I did receive her call she probably wanted her baby groomed that day! Which is fine, but I am booked in advance with rare exceptions of a no show. Many people are wanting same day grooming Or walk-in's. Is this what those Pet somethings have created? I don't know that this is something bad or good. Just that this kind of service can be accomodated at those Pet something places & not me. I want to be professional about this & would appreciate some suggestions in the future.

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    I work at a petsomething, in very new store, and even we are usually booked at least a few days out for full grooms. You can really only get in same day for a bath and brush out. They higher ups want us booked out in advance because, as you all know, it's financially better.

    If you are booked out then you probably don't need to worry bout the people wanting same-days, they can go to someone who doesn't have the business yet. Tell them when your soonest appointment is and they can decide if they want it or not.


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      My days are on my machine (Tues-Sat) and people still call Mondays and ask for an appt or call back that day. For a while, I added "No one is here to take calls or return calls on Mondays" but people still did it. Often, I add that there is a 3-4 day wait, or 5-6 pr whatever it is at that time.

      Today I had someone call with a matted doodle that hadn't been groomed in at least 4 months who wanted in today. Let someone else jump on THAT one! lol I had an opening for Saturday (which is rare in itself) but she wanted it done TODAY. I don't understand why people need TODAY when it has been at least 3-4 months since the last groom!


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        Don't feel bad, I have had people call and I'll call them back a half an hour to an hour later and they've already found someone else to come the next day. Even If I am not busy I dont want potential customers to know that and never make last minute appointments. I also don't want them getting used to doing last minute every time. It is important to "train" your customers to plan ahead if you don't want to stress yourself out with last minute planning all the time.


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          I am mobile. Checked my messages while driving (becuase it is still legal to do that here - for now) and a message came in 15mins before. The lady stated the dog was an absolute mess and she needed the dog done asap. ...because her house was so far away from me I was calling her back only to refer her to the other other mobile groomer in her area. When I called her back, still driving, she asked who I was...oh yeah that mobile groomer...well she found someone else because I wasn't available when she called!

          I don't know if she made an appointment w/the other mobile groomer or found a shop or whatever but 15mins! Regardless, I wouldn't have been able to groom her dog that MOMENT anyway.


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            People want instant service these days.

            When I worked at a petsomething, usually the only way the groomers had a same-day appt was if someone cancelled. This was a slow shop by their standards and they laid me off due to lack of business (I was a bather). So, it's odd to me that people expect that a groomer can do a full groom on the same day. I also wonder about people that go to the point of the dog being matted then can't wait for a phone call back!


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              I think part of the reason my business is so successful is because I can usually take someone that day, or at the very latest the next day. I'm not mobile though, and I have 2-3 groomers on staff (including myself) and we do 20-30 dogs a day. Right now we are starting to get booked up one day in advance and people are sometimes unhappy. I'm sure to tell them "please call at least 2 days ahead of time as we are busy now that the weather is getting warmer."

              I doubt that I will ever be booked up weeks in advance as long as we're doing at least 20 dogs a day.


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                I really don't worry about clients like that. If they aren't happy about me returning the phone call in 24 hours they really won't be happy that I am booked out 8 weeks right now.
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                  We get calls like that all the time. "Emergency grooms", I call them. They call and want an appointment that day. Instantly. And then they act surprised when we tell them we are booked solid.

                  I figure they think, well, it is only a haircut on a dog, so, there should be no problem getting Fido groomed at the last minute.

                  The ones I love are the people who haven't had Fido in for months on end, want him groomed that very day and, if we do manage to work Fido in, are just busting to know how soon we will be done with him.

                  They can wait a year between haircuts for Fido but need him groomed in a flash - the whole pelted mess ASAP...

                  Skunk dogs I can understand. But OAY sheep I cannot.


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                    Not a client that you want,or the ones that call, the machine gives the hours and they call back looooong after hours, no message just repeated calls and hangups,,,, sheeesh
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                      Odette I agree

                      This isn't the type of client you want anyway. We live in a microwave world. Nothing is fast enough. Everyone wants it yesterday. I'm am working very hard to be done with retail because of demanding people who think the world owes them something. When I am in business for myself, I can choose whose butt I kiss. If ANY.


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                        I HATE people who call and act offended when they find out we're booked up for the day, especially Saturdays and Sundays. If I do manage to squeeze them in, they are rarely grateful and expect their dog done in half an hour. Uh, sorry honey, if I'm squeezing him in, it's going to take a little while. My clients who actually prebooked an appointment have priority!


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                          Originally posted by odette View Post
                          Not a client that you want,or the ones that call, the machine gives the hours and they call back looooong after hours, no message just repeated calls and hangups,,,, sheeesh
                          UGHHH those ones drive me nuts.