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Looking for a good school in Houston TX area

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  • Looking for a good school in Houston TX area

    Hi everyone I am new tot he forum. I am a current vet tech but have not been able to find a job. So I am looking into grooming school but have had a hard time finding one. A good one at that.

    I would like to start ASAP as I need to find a job in the next year.

    Hubby is going back to school.

    Thank you

    I really live on Galveston island so anything even closer would be great.


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    I'm sure others will have ideas about schools, just wanted to say check out the DVD's offered by Jody Murphy and others.
    Welcome to the forum!


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      I guess I should add that after finding out the normal tuition in Houston is about 5000 it will take me a year to save the money to go. But I would still like to get some info I can also look into a bank loan for school.


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        I think there's a Golden Paws school in Houston...I know there is one in Texas though. I think they may be a sponsor here also.
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          grooming school in h-town

          There is a grooming school in Houston called Golden Paws on Weslayan. Very expensive, short course, but good instruction.


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            WOO HOO I just got a job interview yes money for school it may be sooner rather then later if I get this job I can have the money saved in 3 months.


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              LOL-congrats,rock on!