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  • My Friend Died

    This past saturday my friend (my bathing beauty) died on me @ the start of the day.
    My first thought ahhh ...... help.
    I washed dogs all day sat & mon by hand. I haven't done that in 10yrs.
    I don't see how the 1's that do it (wash by hand) do it all the time. I was blessed that I was able to get a new 1 & am now back to normal.

    Hope that others don't have to suffer the fate I did

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    I am so glad it wasn't a human friend

    My recirc has been serving me well, and it wasn't new when I got my rig. I would close for the day until another arrived next day air. Can't do without either.


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      I'm glad it wasn't a human or pet friend too!

      And that you were able to get a replacement fairly quickly.


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        Im sorry you feel so bad. I guess for me I will say that many of us (old timers that is) still remember not even having HV dryers! I genuinely say I am sorry though... I know when any piece of equipment stops working it can be disruptive and that can throw off anyones day.

        without being harsh I will share this with you.. when I began (yea, over 30 yrs ago) The gals I worked with might have been considered cruel to many newcomers in this field. I was asked things like "If the electricity goes out... what are you going to do?... call everyone and say I cant groom your dog today?" then Id hear "If you think that that is anyway to run a business... get out of my shop NOW!" (hey I said they might be considered cruel didnt I...LOL)

        I was determined NOT to let these gals beat me though... I was told over & over how this profession is a very very very old one. Say... 150 yrs ago.. they didnt have electricity.. dogs still got groomed. No they didnt look as fluffy as they do today BUT they still got groomed... ever wonder how they did patterns on poodles? how they did 'shave down's'? how they got through mat's?

        I was taught how to scissor down to about a #10 (just in case I needed to...) I was taught how to never give up no matter what. I was also reminded (Ill admit it was maddening at first.. over & over & over) how great people in our profession were highly sought after back then because they knew how to do this stuff. I have only had a few times when the power has gone out where Im working.. I hear the groans & exasperated sighs of the other 'younger' people I work with... Ill openly admit I laugh out loud... tell them "OK folks.. here we go! Lesson number one, lets scissor all these dogs down to a #10 by candle light".... ROFL... they look at me like Im nuts but in case... just in case I ever need to... I was taught by some crusty old gals that everything is subject to loss (equipment wise that is) and I better be prepared.

        ps. We do about 25+ dogs a day at my salon here... all are washed by hand, towel dried, HV blown out & I ask all to learn how to stand dry (not many are taught nowadays) & yes I want ALL my groomers to learn (eventually at least) how to work in all cases of equipment loss. Would you know how to fluff up a poodle without a dryer?.. hint, keep brushing every once in a while as they are air-drying to try to keep the hair as straight as you can, put them down, let them dry a bit more then brush some more....over & over & over...LOL.

        As the old saying goes "dont sweat the small stuff" I am sorry you had a piece of equipment quit on you but you can look at the bright side! you live now rather than 100 yrs ago! SEE ? there is always a bright side!


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          There are few things....

          There are few things that will make me reschedule clients. However, the loss of the bathing system OR the clipper vac both qualify. I have every extra part known to man back at the house so that if, for some horrible unthinkable reason, either of these systems goes down, I can go home and make repairs. You know, the little dogs aren't so bad without they bathing system, but a double coated dog? FORGET IT.

          I would NEVER have lasted as a groomer "back in the day". I am creature of modern comfort. I would find me another job before I endured the horrors of grooming without the things we have today!


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            You could build a backup bathing system and then not have to worry bout it happening again.


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              Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, all have sump pumps; easy to replace your fried pump. I have done it on a very busy day, took a half hour, saved more than that on bathing three dogs.


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                OOoooo... I am so sorry. That would be a tragic loss for me. Is it just the impeller? I am thinking of getting an extra impeller just in case something happens.
                "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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                  So glad to hear it wasn't a human friend! Sorry you had to go through a couple of days bathing by hand, especially when you're not use to it.

                  I made myself a bathing system......either I didn't do it right or something, but it's not in use in more. I bath by hand. I don't have a clipper vac, frankly I don't think I'd like one either.
                  I have had to call and cancel a groom or two because the power went out. I don't know how to groom without the electricity, and not sure if I want to learn either.

                  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                    Funny how we cannot work well without some things. I didn't know what a bathing beauty was until I checked it out on youtube. So its not something I would miss. I don't use a clipper vac.

                    However the hv is a different story. It broke in midsummer one day. Yes I had a hand dryer but that was torture to stand there and dry a dog like I was drying my own hair (I don't even dry my own hair).
                    I learned my lesson and always have a backup!

                    Right now my ac has died in the van...I am mobile. So the small space gets hot fast. I normally dont use it in spring because here it is not warm normally but for this year.
                    Since I am trading in my van I am not getting it fixed. My new van will be here in two weeks so I am going to try to get through the next couple of weeks on those warmer days with a fan and a prayer.