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Std. Poodles, an age old grooming dilemma.

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  • Std. Poodles, an age old grooming dilemma.

    Actually...I should rephrase and say an "old age grooming dilemma".
    I'm in yet another cycle where alot of my Std. Poo buddies are getting old.

    A lot of them get those caverns in their orbital socket as their muscle tone starts to melt away, and clearly the hair growing in those folds is irritating their eyes, as it is forced to grow down instead of up-ish.

    What do you guys do w/ regard to the hair that grows in there?

    I hate to shave it clean....cuz I keep thinking of pokie-ouchies as it grows back into the cavern, but on the other hand...if I just trim it, I know it's going to be growing down into/onto the dog's eyeball w/ in a matter if a couple weeks...and that's irritating too.

    I'm talking about the dogs I groom and see on a 4 to 12 week schedule.
    I know if it was my dog...I would just trim the hair weekly to keep it out of eyeball range, but alot of these clients live 35+ miles away and will not drive here bi-monthly just for me to trim that hair for free...tho I've offered.

    What do you guys do w/ your groom dogs?
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