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My cancer adventure, and so it goes..

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  • My cancer adventure, and so it goes..

    Finally got to see my new surgeon and I like him a lot.
    Will remove the whole thyroid and be done with it,
    towards the end of may. He is three hours away, but
    at this point, its just going to eat up another month to
    get one that I like closer to home.
    I just don't want a super conservative surgeon this time,
    I want this thing GONE.

    Since we're not really sure what kind of cancer this is, I
    don't know what I will wake up to. Could be a tiny scar
    if no lymph nodes are removed, or a big one if they are.

    Even if the pathology were to come back that it ends up
    being an adenoma and not cancer,(not likely but there is
    always hope) I will still be rid of the thing thats growing in there.
    My thyroid is pretty much out of gas anyhow.

    Reguardless ,I have been so busy my head is spinning.I have
    broken my record for dogs this month, and that record has held since
    a year ago last Feb. This Feb was slower than smoke.
    Really smoken now. Not much time to fret about anything.

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    WOW good luck. My cousin had hers removed. She had graves disease. She had no probs with it after she had it removed though.


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      Good luck to you. I'm here sitting waiting on word from my youngest sister. Looks like she will be going thru the same thing as you.


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        Much luck, glad you like the ssurgeon, makes it easier.
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          I am so glad you like the new surgeon

          If you are grooming all that much, imagine how you will do once this is over with. You will adjust to the thyroid medication and life will get back to normal. Your attitude is great and that will also go a long way to your recovery. I still think thyroid (if cancer) isn't as bad as other types, as a good friend had hers removed due to cancer and tho it took a while to get her meds working just right, she is an active happy lady. She gets sleepy at 9PM and wakes at 4AM and goes to the gym before work.

          After your scar heals, buy yourself a pretty choker necklace. We are pulling for you.


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            Well, I am glad you hear that your business is thriving and that you are staying busy. Please keep us posted and you know I am keeping you in my prayers.
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              Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Sounds like you are strong,thinking positive. I have graves disease,and had mine zapped with radiation to kill it,my friend had thyroid cancer,and had the surgery,and her health rebounded quickly, I hope all goes well,and that you feel great after the darn thing is out. A diseased thyroid can make us awfully ill.
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