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  • Z-coil shoes

    Any groomers here who stand all day wear these shoes? Do they help? I am considering getting a pair, but they are pricey so I wanted to get some opinions first.

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    I dunno bout those shoes in particular, but I always recommend really good insoles. I use SuperFeet insoles and love love love them (I better for $45 a pair) and have the pinks in all my shoes. Squish is great but support is better, I would rather wear my stiff hiking boots with good insoles than a gym shoe without them. Ideally you do both though since the feet support the knees which support the hips which support the back neck and shoulders. Treat your feet well and it will help with everything from backaches to headaches.



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      I already use good insoles, but the last few weeks my feet, legs, and back have been hurting more than normal. I am going to get me a pair tomorrow. I have a few clients that wear them and swear they are wonderful.