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Oh my!! What a morning!!

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  • Oh my!! What a morning!!

    Had 3 dogs scheduled for 8am this morning. One forgot about me and didn't show up. I had just gotten the other out of the bathtub when the third showed up. He walked in my door just as I rounded the corner and met him in my reception area. I saw the man, but no dog and for a second wondered what was going on. And then he started looking for him too, and asked me where he was. Um.... huh? He then proceeds to tell me that the dog was just behind him, and he starts looking under my desk. No dog. So he opens the door and starts looking outside. No dog. To make a long story short, the next 1.5 hours was spent trying to find the dog. Not much I could help with since I had a dog at my shop already and a full days worth coming.... but I did walk around my building, the laundromatt next door and the store next to that while the owner drove around in his car trying to find him. After awhile I noticed another lady pull up - obviously a friend or family member coming to help him. I felt really bad for the guy.... even though it was his own fault. WHY don't people put their dogs on a leash, or at least hold them. Sheesh!!! I know his wife, and that dog is her baby. I couldn't help but think the poor man was going to get killed when she found out he lost her dog.

    But the story gets even more bizarre. Come to find out, when the dog bolted from just outside my shop door, he then ran next door and jumped in a mans car at the store. The man tried to get the dog out, but the dog was not budging. A woman that was at the store asked him if there was a problem and the man asked her if the dog was hers. She said no, so he told her since he couldn't get the dog out of his car he would just take it to the pound. And off he went. The woman apparently had a gut feeling about it and wrote down his license plate number.

    After the owner and his friend spend almost 2 hours searching for the dog, they went into the store to leave their number in case anyone "found" a dog. That was when they found out about the man in the car. So from there, they called the police and the man was tracked down... the dog was retrieved and was then CARRIED into my shop. (covered in burrs, by the way)

    This isn't the first time something like this has happened. A few months ago a woman came with her unleashed Maltese. She took her out of the car, put her on the ground and then expected the dog to follow her into my shop. **eyeroll** As soon as she opened my shop door, the dog bolted. That dog was found about 3 blocks away by my husband who just happened to be at my shop that day and offered to help the woman.

    I'm glad today had a happy ending, but I really don't understand what people are thinking. My shop is on a semi busy street. It's just a matter of time before a dog gets hit by a car because owners can't seem to understand the concept of a collar and leash. **sigh**

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    I have a sign on my door stating that all dogs must be leashed coming into and leaving the shop for this exact reason. I don't have time to deal with dogs running off, and do not want to deal with a dog getting run over in front of my shop.


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      We have a sign on the door that states ALL PETS MUST BE EITHER LEASHED OR IN CARRIERS... anyone who comes in without one.... Sorry.. I scold them! I DO !!!
      I inform them we are on a busy street and if they choose to not wear a seat belt that is fine with me but when it comes t the dogs...

      I care more about them then the people.


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        Lets see ir I have this straight, a strange dog gets into a car NEXT to a dog groomer and noone checks there to see if it is theirs??!! Where was everyones heads? Tje man will get his browbeating from the wife, but the store employee shoukd have checked with you first, she knew you are there, the guy in the car maybe not. The other posters are right about a sign, it covers the basics but stupdity will still happen. Glad it turned out o.k.
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          Originally posted by odette View Post
          Lets see ir I have this straight, a strange dog gets into a car NEXT to a dog groomer and noone checks there to see if it is theirs??!! Where was everyones heads?
          I thought the very same thing. You would think I would have been the FIRST person they would question.