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  • Wow so much pee

    I have had dogs potty on themselves when I dry them and such but I swear today this little cocker must have saved every ounce of pee and poo it had for a week just for me. This poor thing was so nervous so I thought when she peed when she first came in but it never stopped. Oh well just on of those days really was a frustrating experience. Finally got her done but wow. Oh well just one of those days.
    "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
    and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck

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    Poor thing!! And poor you! I had the pleasure of grooming a rabbit last weekend. She was a matted mess and the owners left her over night with me in the event I needed more time to get her looking better. She did great until day 2 I had just a few more mats to get out....put her on my lap and she left a big warm puddle right on my leg. So I go in and change and she does this again!! Alot of pee for such a little rabbit. You have my sympathy


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      i had the same thing with a shih would NOT stop peeing everywhere! I had to groom it with a towel least it didn't poo.
      poor dog and poor you!


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        Is it just me, or does

        dog pee often smell a little like pretzels? Toes like Fritoes and pee like pretzels. Is either dog on Prednisone? My poor girl pees a river now and I have towels on the floor so I don't step or slip in it. My pooor baby peed on herself in her bed one evening and I had to shower her.


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          It's a cocker thing. Roll with it and carry plenty of paper towels.
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