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"I'm going to be a groomer" "WHAT?!"

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  • "I'm going to be a groomer" "WHAT?!"

    This is from the "Next Generation of Grooming Students" article posted on here:

    "What do your friends, family and significant other think about your plan." The answers range from funny to quite serious. We have heard less than positive answers like:
    "My friends said, "You're going to do WHAT !?"
    My family said, "But we've been saving for years for you to become a veterinarian!"
    "Everyone became totally silent when I told them I was going to groom pets for a living."
    "They smiled and said nothing."
    "You're kidding."
    "So far I get no support. No one thinks you can make a decent living as a groomer."

    - -and sadly that's true. When I recently told my mom about my plan to be a groomer, she just looked at me with a stupid face and said "Your leaving your graphic design plans to wash DOGS for a living!?" and my friends as well.. they're just like "....Oh." and I feel stupid.

    I know it's because of their lack of knowledge about the industry and how much money it could bring in.

    How did your friends/family respond to you?

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    I was in college to become a graphic designer myself and then fell into grooming. My family told me it was a waste of my intelligence. It took a couple years for everyone to come around. My aunt actually told me I should quit to be a waitress becasue I could make so much more money. She sugested I apply at Friendly's. My mom finally came around when she was able to get me summer work so easily. She told me learning to groom had served me well. My father came around when he married a dog groomer! Now no one says anything about it negatively. My aunt actually gave me most of the money for my warp on my grooming van because she wanted to help support my business. So I guess she's accepted it now too.
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      Well, my mom paid for me to go through grooming school and I met my ex through his sister and sister in law who are both groomers (he now grooms also).
      Needless to say the family reactions were normal everyday reactions. I reallly don't care what others think. They may think it's a "below them" job but considering I make more income than the majority of them so be it.

      You have to be happy with what your decision is and while you're going to want acceptance from family there will always be those who think you're doing something beneath yourself.
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        This is what I heard:

        1. You're fifty years old! (in other words you're ancient, don't even bother)
        2. Why would you want to wash a dirty dog? (one of my favorites - lol)
        3. You want to do what????
        4. You want to go where????

        Some of the comments I recall. I remember how discouraging it was.
        I am so glad I didn't listen.


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          I've been saying this my whole life "ignorance is bless" grooming is NOT for everyone or Anyone. It's an artform, passion and profession. I've been grooming since the 1970's and I also have a bachelors degree and have worked in other professions but always came back to my passion. The last time 12 years ago, and I will never leave again!
          To defend this profession is pure bullpucky, this profession speaks for itself. Many have and do make a great career and money from the love of animals and the care and grooming of them. If people are cynical, well I say great, keeps those who don't belong away, not always I know, but sometimes. There is so much involved with the grooming of pets I could write a book, but in short, I will say it's not a "quickie thing" you do for money or lack of a place to work. (I know many if not most of you out there already know this) Just emphasizing the reality of our profession. I'm not great at writing out what I think but this is just my thoughts on the matter. Thanks for listening.
          It seems to me for the most part this career chooses you not the other way around.


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            Originally posted by SBozan7 View Post

            When I recently told my mom about my plan to be a groomer, she just looked at me with a stupid face and said "Your leaving your graphic design plans to wash DOGS for a living!?" and my friends as well.. they're just like "....Oh." and I feel stupid.
            If you are of legal age, it is YOUR decision, not theirs.

            You don't need to ask for their permission or approval. Their opinions are immaterial.

            You are an adult. Do as you wish.


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              No flack from anyone.

              Next time just tell people you are joining the Circus to learn to be a fire eater or sword swollower.....then later telling them about dog grooming might sound better. LOL

              It has paid my bills and served me well. The pet industry keeps growing and try to find a street or neighborhood that doesn't have a dog or two on it. They all need care and grooming. This forum and it's many catagories tells it is BIG business.


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                My sister asked me how long I would have to work as a groomer to pay back what I was about to spend on school. Her husband said my sister had read some books on landscaping and was pretty good at it so maybe I should get some books on grooming. When I talk to my mom, she always asks if I have any dogs tomorrow and then says how amazing it is when I say yes. Rosie, my little black terrier, thought a career change was a good idea and even came to school with me. Aren't dogs great!


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                  Guess I'm the odd man out on this one...

                  The responses I got:

                  1) That is PERFECT for you!
                  2) Do we get to ride in your van? (yes LOL)
                  3) Honey, I'm so very proud of you for having the courage to do something new! Not many people get paid to do something they love. (this one from my daddy, RIP)
                  4) And from my in-laws: Get gussied up! We're gonna go to dinner and celebrate!

                  I'm very fortunate to have a phenomenal family and support system. There have been some moments of course, but we ALWAYS got each other's back and they support every one of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Well, except for that time DH & I up and moved to Africa to mine for gold for a few years - they weren't thrilled with THAT idea!
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                    Let me just say that I am fixing to do 6 figures + this year if things keep going at the pace they are now...keep in mind this is in my home and I am in an area where the median HOUSEHOLD income is around $55,000...then you can laugh all the way to the bank~AND~love what you do for a living!!!


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                      Originally posted by caninecrazy View Post
                      It seems to me for the most part this career chooses you not the other way around.
                      Ain't that the truth. I discovered grooming completely by accident, and in the short time I've been doing it, I've never been happier. Ever. How many people can truly say they love what they do AND go home every night feeling satisfied, rewarded, and ready for more?

                      I got a bag of mixed responses...
                      Mom never approves of anything.
                      Dad always says do what makes you happy.
                      Family said, "And how exactly will you be using your English degree?"
                      And my friends? They laughed and said, "Yep, that definitely sounds like you!"


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                        I still remember the look on my mother's face when I told her I was going to groom for a living. She just got the smile on her face the one that says oh great that will turn out great. She said " they pay people for that" I just wanted to gag. She passed away before she could see me open my own shop so I don't think she ever really thought I made a living at this even though I provided for my family for 7 years before opening my shop. Oh well even though most people don't get what I do for a living I come here to those of you that do get me......

                        Thanks all
                        "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
                        and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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                          my mom and one of my two sisters are supportive of my choice..other than asking if i'm going to get a real job anytime soon (i guess it doesn't count as a real job??)
                          This was suppose to be a part time thing until i found something i wanted to do with my life (i'm only 17) and i found this is something i absolutely love...the rest of my family think it's silly and i'm wasting my time..but i love it..i just recently realized that you have to do what keeps you happy vs what other people think is acceptable...


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                            I could go on and on about all the 'careers' I have worked in... not to mention the degree's I have.. but bottom line is this (at least for me) My grandmother & grandfather both came over to this country, you worked at any job you could during the great depression to keep your family from starving & a roof over your head. NOW... understanding how the 'old country' mindset was... anyone who began as an apprentice, then made journeyman, then master, then grand master (you get the pict) was bound to find a good living. All to often though (way back from medieval times) a son went into his fathers profession and 'girls' were married off..

                            so I listened to my grandparents.. they told me that they came to this country because it was the land of opportunity, a person could be anything they wanted & be free...

                            "If you LOVE what you do... it is NOT a JOB"... it is the joyful freedom to make a living doing what you enjoy, choosing to work in this field is not always the easiest BUT if it is a driving force in your blood.... listen to your heart... very seldom does your own heart lie to you and relish in the simple fact that so many DO NOT understand what doing what you love is all about! Sadly, so many people choose a job because of a sheer money factor... you are making a choice to do what you LOVE... the money comes, but the heart filled joy cannot be bought and way to many people go through life never knowing that joy.


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                              Well, I was a school teacher for 14 years! When I told everyone I was quitting to be a groomer, they said, "WHY?"

                              I said, "Dogs don't talk back!"