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Llama cart (or van) RV park grooming

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  • Llama cart (or van) RV park grooming

    I'm getting bored with the same old scene and would like to do some traveling. I thought maybe I could incorporate grooming at RV parks to pay for it and just live traveling. Does anyone else do anything like this?

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    No but I thought of that too. I was in Fort Wilderness Disney last fall tenting and thinking, gee if I had my van! I thought, if you had something like an Elite where you had a fridge, microwave, toilet and room enough for a folding could groom and holiday at the same time.
    However I thought you would have to really be sly about it. But many folks take their pets camping and would probably love to have them cleaned up before they head home or just cleaned up after a swim. Perhaps just cut and file their nails.

    If you didn't mind living in your working van for a while. It was something that I have thought about but probably would never do.


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      Originally posted by ralla View Post
      However I thought you would have to really be sly about it.
      How would I have to be sly about it? For legal reasons? I was thinking about looking into the cost of a vendors license.


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        Most rv parks do not allow people to operate businesses or commercial vehicles there.


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          Funny, my parents like RVing. They mentioned me doing that to. I could see that being great for other campers/RVers. Would be interesting to know if it was possible.


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            There's actually a guy who owns one of the RV parks just outside of town, who has been looking for a groomer willing to take on his camper clients' dogs. I can't believe he's the only one. But I figured I would start there.