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    What do you guys and gals think about the isb line. I used it like it but there is something I can't quite put my finger on about it. Any compliments or complaints please

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    Top-of-the-line! If I could afford it, I would use only ISB (and Why B*tch). The only thing that can be kinda weird about ISB are some of the scents. I don't like any of their colognes very much.
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      Definitely don't use any of their colognes, but the line is very luxurious. It works, so I'm willing to drop money on it! It really depends on which product exactly you are having trouble on. A lot of their product is designed to work in conjuction with something else, so if you don't follow the directions it is possible it may not work. There are typically a lot of steps, again depending on what you are trying to accomplish, but for me it is worth it because there are certain things I cannot see a difference with that I can with the Iv San Bernard.

      My chihuahua for instance, loses his hair easily and has a hard time growing it back. I was constantly hearing, why is he bald? do you shave him? (uh, yeah, to the skin. sigh.) After trying out many different products, I did a combo of Mineral H shampoo, ph balance condit (oh, how I LOVE that conditioner), the topical lotion, and sil plus. After 10 weeks he was back to normal.

      After wasting a TON of $$$ on lesser products, I am to the point where I will gladly pay the higher price for a product that accomplishes what it says.
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