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grape seed extract and arthritis

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  • grape seed extract and arthritis

    does anybody know the proper dose of grape seed extract to give a 16 lb dog? i bought a bottle of pills from cosco and they are 150 mg gel caps. i am using them to help with arthritis.

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    Grape seed extract

    Are you sure that is safe for dogs? I take it myself and I can not imagine a dog being willing to eat that.I dont use jell caps but I can not control the amount in a gell cap so i suffer with taking it striaght up. Too much of it is not fun.


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      the only reason i know about it is because stephen recommended it as an alternative to Pycnogenol which is made from the maritime tree bark. im trying to find the right arthritis medicine for my dog who is 15 and have tried synoviG 3 and LIQUID HEALTH LEVEL 5000 and previcox (severe and bad reaction) and missing link... its supposed to be good for swelling and joints. and non-toxic. i took 8 150mg tablets yesterday myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        one note about natural pharmaceuticals. you get what you pay for. don't buy whatever is cheapest. go for quality.
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          i thought grapes were almost poison to dogs, give them organ failure, is grape seed different?


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            Originally posted by sparkle View Post
            i thought grapes were almost poison to dogs, give them organ failure, is grape seed different?
            Yes, grape seed extract is different. The toxin in grapes is in the skin and flesh of the grapes, but not the seed.

            The last time I read up on grape & raisin toxicity, they still have not identified exactly what the toxin is. And not all dogs seem to be affected by it, or aren't affected at the same levels. There are reported cases of dogs suffering kidney failure after eating as few as 5 grapes. Others seem to be able to eat large quantities with no ill effects at all.